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imaginary - Fast, simple, stateless HTTP microservice for high-level image processing with first-class support for Docker & Heroku

Fast HTTP microservice written in Go for high-level image processing backed by bimg and libvips. imaginary can be used as private or public HTTP service for massive image processing with first-class support for Docker & Heroku. It's almost dependency-free and only uses net/http native package without additional abstractions for better performance.Supports multiple image operations exposed as a simple HTTP API, with additional optional features such as API token authorization, gzip compression, HTTP traffic throttle strategy and CORS support for web clients.

ImageSharp - A cross-platform library for the processing of image files; written in C#

ImageSharp is a new, fully featured, fully managed, cross-platform, 2D graphics API. Without the use of System.Drawing we have been able to develop something much more flexible, easier to code against, and much, much less prone to memory leaks. Gone are system-wide process-locks; ImageSharp images are thread-safe and fully supported in web environments. Built against .Net Standard 1.1 ImageSharp can be used in device, cloud, and embedded/IoT scenarios.

SwiftGif - :sparkles: A small UIImage extension with gif support

A small UIImage extension with gif support.Run pod install to build your dependencies.

Flyimg - Microservice to resize and crop images on the fly

Image resizing, cropping and compression on the fly with the impressive MozJPEG compression algorithm. One Docker container to build your own Cloudinary-like service.You pass the image URL and a set of keys with options, like size or compression. Flyimg will fetch the image, convert it, store it, cache it and serve it. The next time the request comes, it will serve the cached version.

Silverlight CRM Attachment Image

The Silverlight CRM Attachment Image leverages the REST End Point to provide a simple way to add a changable image to a CRM 2011 form/entity using a Silverlight application. The image is stored in the notes, leveragin core CRM. Currently this project is still in the making...

WPF Animated GIF

A simple library to display animated GIF images in WPF, usable in XAML or in code.

Paint.NET Animated Gif Plugin

A simple Paint.NET animated gif plugin. Allows for loading and saving animated gif images with Paint.NET.

ImageTools for WinRT

This is a poring project, so for more details information, pls refer to Sebastian Stehle's page: http://imagetools.codeplex.com/


Basic Ribbon based image viewer for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Robert's MSDN Blog Code

This project contains code that I've placed on my blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/rwlodarc.


a library that encode and decode gif format,use it ,you can watermark ,merge,Monochrome and Thumbnail gif,include gif animator

node-gify - Convert videos to gifs using ffmpeg and gifsicle

Turn videos into gifs.Also requires ffmpeg and graphicsmagick.

gifski - GIF encoder based on libimagequant (pngquant, gifquant?)

Highest-quality GIF encoder based on pngquant.gifski converts video frames to GIF animations using pngquant's fancy features for efficient cross-frame palettes and temporal dithering. It produces animated GIFs that use thousands of colors per frame.

gogif - The (no longer) missing GIF encoder for #golang

Aside from the median cut quantizer, this code has been merged into the Go standard library. I would strongly encourage you to use that instead :).