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passwd-user - Get the passwd user entry from a username or uid

  •    Javascript

Works on macOS and Linux. See user-info if you need cross-platform support.Accepts a username or uid number. Defaults to the current user (process.getuid()).

pwuid - getpwuid() Node.js binding - returns username, name, home directory, shell, gid from uid

  •    C++

If you're creating a reusable module you should probably use passwd-user instead, as it shells out rather than using a native binding.getpwuid() is a POSIX function and won't work on Windows.

downgrade - Sets the user identity of the process to `www-data`

  •    Javascript

The arguments can be either a numerical ID or a username/group string. If a string is specified, this method blocks while resolving it to a numerical ID.If the current user's permissions do not allow the user identity to be changed, this function will do nothing (no-op).

node-posix - The missing POSIX system calls for node.js

  •    C++

The missing POSIX system calls for Node. Changes the root directory of the calling process to that specified in path. This directory will be used for pathnames beginning with /. The root directory is inherited by all children of the calling process.

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