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Casper - The default personal blogging theme for Ghost

  •    CSS

The default personal blogging theme for Ghost. Beautiful, minimal and responsive.

ghost-phantom - Phantom theme for Ghost

  •    HTML

A minimalistic theme for Ghost inspired by the Designmodo Journal. Looking for more instructions? Sorry, it's just that easy.

attila - Ghost Theme

  •    CSS

A content focused responsive theme for Ghost. To enable Disqus comments go to your blogs code injection settings and add <script>var disqus = 'YOUR_DISQUS_SHORTNAME';</script> to your blog header.

caffeine-theme - A minimalist, Material Design inspired Ghost Theme for optimal desktop and mobile experiences

  •    CSS

Caffeine Theme is a Material Design inspired Ghost theme. It originally began as a fork of Uno-Zen, but has since been drastically changed. Huge thanks to the original creator for the original theme layout and inspiration. The theme is super easy to configure, with almost no code change necessary! Simply follow the customization options below.

toast - A starting point for ghost theme authors.

  •    HTML

A fully compliment HTML5 boilerplate for Ghost blog theme authors. This was developed as a starting point for theme developers in creating their awesome new templates for the system and contains only the handlebar files and the most basic formatting to get you started. There is no screenshots or fancy build systems as it looks like a blog with next to no styling which not many people would want to see, as it's a horrible sight i assure you.

ghost-interphase-theme - A ghost theme based off of templated.co/interphase

  •    CSS

A ghost theme based off of template.co/interphase. Simply download this repository and place the content in your /content/themes/ folder of your ghost project (in a separate folder).

sheet - Sheet is a clean, responsive theme for Ghost v1.x.x blogs.

  •    CSS

Sheet is a clean, responsive theme for Ghost 1.x.x blogs. You can view a demo (with a few minor modifications) right here. .sheet-header-secondary and .sheet-footer-secondary are empty elements that you can use to add custom content to your header and footer, respectively. Cover images are used for the fixed background in the header, and blog/user images are supported.

oscar-ghost - 👻Simplistic, Clean, Content Focus Single Author Theme

  •    CSS

The Oscar Ghost Theme is a clean, simple, minimalistic theme built for ghost. The theme is built from an original fork of the Lanyon-Ghost Theme. This theme is ideal for single author, tag heavy, looking for a simple design, with code highlighting.

Casper-XYZ - Custom Ghost theme for my blog, based on Casper

  •    CSS

This is the Ghost theme of angristan.xyz, based on Casper. I try to make the theme reusable as possible, but I still have to hardcode some stuff.

ghost-theme - a ghost theme

  •    CSS

Then restart your ghost. And go to settings to change your theme. Copyright (c) 2013-2015 Ghost Foundation - Released under the MIT License.

decent - A Ghost blog theme

  •    Javascript

A Ghost blog theme, modified from Casper. The main design is inspired by Aquila. Since v3.x this theme is fully support Ghost v1.x, and will no longer compatible with Ghost v0.x version. If you want to use this theme under Ghost v0.x version, please look at previous release, all v2.x and v1.x release should work well under Ghost v0.8 ~ Ghost v0.11. If you want to hack into the source code, please checkout the ghost-v0.x branch. The master branch will reflects the latest development.

ghost-theme-tiny - Ghost博客 极简主题

  •    Javascript

A tiny personal blogging theme for Ghost. Beautiful, minimal and responsive.

gatsby-casper - A Casper 2 blog starter for Gatsby

  •    TypeScript

This is a static blog generator and starter gatsby repo. A port of Casper v2 a theme from Ghost for GatsbyJS using TypeScript. Clone this repo.