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ghost-on-heroku - One-button Heroku deploy for the Ghost blogging platform.

  •    Javascript

Ghost is a free, open, simple blogging platform. Visit the project's website at http://ghost.org, or read the docs on http://support.ghost.org. Heroku app filesystems aren’t meant for permanent storage, so file uploads are disabled by default when using this repository to deploy a Ghost blog to Heroku. If you’re using Ghost on Heroku with S3 file uploads disabled, you should leave all environment variables beginning with S3_… blank.

caffeine-theme - A minimalist, Material Design inspired Ghost Theme for optimal desktop and mobile experiences

  •    CSS

Caffeine Theme is a Material Design inspired Ghost theme. It originally began as a fork of Uno-Zen, but has since been drastically changed. Huge thanks to the original creator for the original theme layout and inspiration. The theme is super easy to configure, with almost no code change necessary! Simply follow the customization options below.

oscar-ghost - 👻Simplistic, Clean, Content Focus Single Author Theme

  •    CSS

The Oscar Ghost Theme is a clean, simple, minimalistic theme built for ghost. The theme is built from an original fork of the Lanyon-Ghost Theme. This theme is ideal for single author, tag heavy, looking for a simple design, with code highlighting.

setup-ghost-blog - Scripts to install your own Ghost blog, with Nginx and ModSecurity/Naxsi web application firewall

  •    Shell

Read this in other languages: English, 简体中文. Scripts to install your own Ghost blog on Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS, with Nginx (as a reverse proxy) and ModSecurity or Naxsi web application firewall for optimal performance and security.

ghost-theme - a ghost theme

  •    CSS

Then restart your ghost. And go to settings to change your theme. Copyright (c) 2013-2015 Ghost Foundation - Released under the MIT License.

ghost-theme-tiny - Ghost博客 极简主题

  •    Javascript

A tiny personal blogging theme for Ghost. Beautiful, minimal and responsive.