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graphics-resources - :memo: a list of graphic programming resources

  •    Javascript

A few of my bookmarks related to game development and realtime graphics programming.This will download all PDFs and power-point slides into a folder called resources.

gfx - A high-performance, bindless graphics API for Rust.

  •    Rust

This runs the quad example using the Vulkan backend, and then the compute example using the DirectX 12 backend. These examples assume that necessary dependencies for the graphics backend are already installed. For more information about installation and usage, refer to the Getting Started guide.

simplex-noise.js - A fast simplex noise implementation in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

simplex-noise.js is a fast simplex noise implementation in Javascript. It works in the browser and on nodejs. By default simplex-noise.js will use Math.random() to seed the noise.


  •    Javascript

normalmap.js is a library for creating simple interactive lighting effects. Or just download the latest zip file form the releases page.

Adafruit-GFX-Font-Customiser - A little utility to customise pixel fonts for the Adafruit GFX library

  •    C

This is a handy utility that goes well with the original 'fontconvert' tool provided by Adafruit for converting TTF fonts to Adafruit_GFX .h format. Just paste the content of a .h font file, extract the glyphs, and you can edit them one by one by flipping the individual pixels for each glyphs.

gfx-memory - Memory management library of gfx_hal

  •    Rust

This crate provides tools to manage GPU memory provided by gfx-hal. The main tool is the MemoryAllocator trait, which can be used to allocate Blocks of memory. The most notable MemoryAllocator implementation is SmartAllocator which can be used as-is. All other allocators in this crate are used internally in SmartAllocator, but are also exposed for users who want to create their own implementations in case SmartAllocator don't satisfy their needs.

rust-gfx-sciter - Rust GFX examples with Sciter UI.

  •    Rust

Note that build requires a dxgi+sciter branch of gfx-rs.

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