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gnsq - A gevent based python client for the NSQ distributed messaging platform.

  •    Python

A gevent based python client for NSQ distributed messaging platform. Currently there is support for Python 2.6+, Python 3.3+ and PyPy.

Pyrlang - An Erlang network cluster node implemented in Python 3

  •    Python

This is a drop-in Erlang node implementation in Python 3.5, designed to allow interoperation between existing Python projects and BEAM languages: Erlang, Elixir, Alpaca, Luaerl, LFE, Clojerl and such. With just a few lines of startup code your Python program becomes an Erlang network node, participating in the Erlang cluster.

channelstream - channelstream (gevent) is a websocket communication server

  •    Javascript

This is a websocket-based communication server for python. Refer to demo/demo.py and API explorer for example usage.

x-proxies - Usable ip proxies, crawling from some proxy websites.

  •    Python

There exists many cases for crawling some websites, but there are not enough ip proxies to use, so i maintain the repo to keep track of a fresh and usable proxies list. Going to keep it pretty basic, and use this as an excuse to get familiar with Flask.

jd_product_spider - 京东商品爬虫服务

  •    Python

缺少一个图,后期补上... 京东所有的品类都是三层.