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bruges - Geophysics library with various helpful functions

  •    Python

In other words, it's just a load of functions that implement important equations in (mostly seismic) geophysics, from Aki-Richards to Zoeppritz. bruges requires NumPy and SciPy.

notebooks - IPython Notebooks

  •    Jupyter

Some Jupyter Notebooks on geophysics and seismic interpretation.

seisplot - Plots seismic, sorta

  •    Jupyter

A utility for plotting SEG-Y files. If you don't already have a reliable Python installation, and know how to wield it, I recommend downloading and installing Anaconda.

welly - Well handling

  •    Lasso

Manage subsurface well data. The lasio project provides a very nice way to read and write CWLS Log ASCII Standard files. The result is an object, based on OrderedDict, that contains all the LAS data — it's more or less analogous to the LAS file.

xlines - X lines of Python

  •    Jupyter

An Agile blog series exploring common geosciencey workflows in x lines, where ideally x ≤ 10 but not necessarily, I haven't thought it through properly yet. These will be Jupyter Notebooks running on Azure Notebooks. Click the launch azurenb button to start the interactive Azure Notebooks (thanks to Dino and Paige at Azure for helping with this, and to Jesper Dramsch for helping me keep it straight).


  •    Python

This package uses a Bayesian formulation and Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling methods to derive posterior distributions of subsurface and measured data properties. The current implementation is applied to time and frequency domain electro-magnetic data. Application outside of these data types is well within scope. Currently there are two types of data that we have implemented; frequency domain electromagnetic data, and time domain electromagnetic data. The package comes with a frequency domain forward modeller, but it does not come with a time domain forward modeller. See the section Installing the time domain forward modeller for more information.

OpendTect-Plugins - Various plugins for the open source seismic interpretation system - OpendTect

  •    C++

This is the source code for a collection of plugins for the open source seismic interpretation system OpendTect v5+. All code is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 3. As of 24-Sep-2015 code development in the master branch is for plugin development for OpendTect 6. If you are interested in the latest source code for OpendTect 5 please refer to the v5-stable branch of this repository.

lasio - Python library for reading and writing well data using Log ASCII Standard (LAS) files

  •    Lasso

This is a Python 2.7 and 3.3+ package to read and write Log ASCII Standard (LAS) files, used for borehole data such as geophysical, geological, or petrophysical logs. It's compatible with versions 1.2 and 2.0 of the LAS file specification, published by the Canadian Well Logging Society. Support for LAS 3 is being worked on. In principle it is designed to read as many types of LAS files as possible, including ones containing common errors or non-compliant formatting. Depending on your particular application you may also want to check out striplog for stratigraphic/lithological data, or welly for dealing with data at the well level. lasio is primarily for reading & writing LAS files.

teaching-computational-geophysics - Additional material for computational geophysics course

  •    Matlab

This repository holds additional course material to teach computational geophysics. An introduction to finite-difference, pseudo-spectral, finite-element, and spectral-element methods will be presented and applied to basic geophysical problems including heat flow and wave propagation.

jtk - The Mines Java Toolkit

  •    Java

The Mines Java Toolkit (Mines JTK) is a set of Java packages and native (non-Java) software libraries for science and engineering. Applications currently include digital signal processing, linear algebra, optimization, meshing, interpolation, and 2D and 3D graphics. The Mines JTK is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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