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Tile38 - Geospatial database, spatial index, and realtime geofence

Tile38 is a in-memory geolocation data store, spatial index, and realtime geofence. It supports a variety of object types including lat/lon points, bounding boxes, XYZ tiles, Geohashes, and GeoJSON. It supports spatial index with search methods such as Nearby, Within, and Intersects, Realtime geofencing through persistent sockets or webhooks and lot more.

cordova-plugin-geolocation - Mirror of Apache Cordova Plugin geolocation

This plugin provides information about the device's location, such as latitude and longitude.Common sources of location information include Global Positioning System (GPS) and location inferred from network signals such as IP address, RFID, WiFi and Bluetooth MAC addresses, and GSM/CDMA cell IDs. There is no guarantee that the API returns the device's actual location.

freegeoip - IP geolocation web server

This is the source code of the freegeoip software. It contains both the web server that empowers freegeoip.net, and a package for the Go programming language that enables any web server to support IP geolocation with a simple and clean API.

GeoCouch - A spatial index for CouchDB

GeoCouch is a spatial extension for Couchbase and Apache CouchDB.This version of GeoCouch needs at least Apache CouchDB 1.3.x.

leaflet-geosearch - Leaflet geosearching/geocoding control

If you don’t use npm, you may grab the latest UMD build from unpkg (either a development or a production build). The UMD build exports a global called window.GeoSearch if you add it to your page via a <script> tag. We don’t recommend UMD builds for any serious application.

GeoIP - GeoIP binding for nodejs(>=0.10) and iojs

Get geolocation information based on domain or IP address. Since this module required to compile geoip c library during the installtion, due to the difficulty of compilifa this c library on windows, currenlty, this module can not be used on windows, yet.

Php-google-map-api - PHP Class for Building maps using Google Maps API

The world of building web applications that utilize Google Maps can be a tedious and laborious process. The intent of this class is to make it easier for developers to quickly and easily integrate a map into their page with very little effort.

IndexTankDotNet - the IndexTank Client Library for .NET

IndexTank is a cloud-based, real-time indexing SaaS (software as a service) that lets you quickly and easily add custom, full-featured search functionality to any web site or application. IndexTankDotNet provides convenient programmatic access to any IndexTank-compatible A...

Wi-Fi Channel Spread

Visualizes the spread of Wi-Fi access points across the available Wi-Fi channels, the amount of potential co-channel interference and the geolocation of the access points as known by Google.


CM.Core.Library est une bibliothèque programmé en C# qui contient de nombreuses fonctions basique tel que de la cryptographie, manipulation de chaine de caractères, gestion de fichiers...

IP2Location IP Country Redirection

IP2Location.com IP Country Redirection module detects the web visitor's country via their IP address and redirects to another page if that country has been blocked in the Country Configuration. You'll no longer have to manually block web visitors from certain IP address range.


SharpNick is a DLL library containing functions that ASP.NET websites commonly use. Developed in C#.


GeoLock is a proof of concept (PoC). GeoLock demonstrates how to retrieve geolocation data from surrounding Wi-Fi networks triangulation without Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware.


Geotron is a C# geolocation library to resolve postcodes and addresses to co-ordinates, to assist developers in creating location-aware applications.

node-geohash - geohash library for nodejs

Geohash library for nodejs. Encode a pair of latitude and longitude values into a geohash. The third argument is optional, you can specify a length of this hash string, which also affects the precision of the geohash.

country - Tells you which country you're in

GeoIP microservice that returns client's country

geo-srv - A lightning fast geo location tracking and search microservice

The Geo Service provides an api for saving and retrieving the gps location of any entity.It's uses go-micro for the microservice core and Hailo's go-geoindex for fast point tracking and K-Nearest queries.