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telize - Telize is a JSON IP and GeoIP REST API (IP Geolocation) built on Nginx and Lua

  •    Lua

Telize is a REST API built on Nginx and Lua allowing to get a visitor IP address and to query location information from any IP address. It outputs JSON-encoded IP geolocation data, and supports both JSON and JSONP.Geolocation operations are performed using Nginx GeoIP module which caches the database in RAM. Therefore, Telize has very minimal overhead and should be blazing fast.

geoip2-golang - Unofficial MaxMind GeoIP2 Reader for Go

  •    Go

This library reads MaxMind GeoLite2 and GeoIP2 databases. See GoDoc for documentation and examples.

GeoIP - GeoIP binding for nodejs(>=0.10) and iojs

  •    Javascript

Get geolocation information based on domain or IP address. Since this module required to compile geoip c library during the installtion, due to the difficulty of compilifa this c library on windows, currenlty, this module can not be used on windows, yet.

node-maxmind - Maxmind GEO Lookup

  •    Javascript

Pure Javascript module for Geo IP lookup using Maxmind binary databases (aka mmdb or geoip2). Fastest Maxmind lookup library available - up to 17,000% faster than other libraries. Module has 100% test coverage with comprehensive test suite. It natively works with binary Maxmind database format and doesn't require any "CSV - {specific lib format}" conversions as some other modules do. Maxmind binary databases are highly optimized for size and performance so there's no point working with other than that format. You might want to use geolite2 module with free geo databases. Alternatively, free databases available for download here. If you need better accuracy you should consider buying commercial subscription.

IP2Location IP Country Redirection


IP2Location.com IP Country Redirection module detects the web visitor's country via their IP address and redirects to another page if that country has been blocked in the Country Configuration. You'll no longer have to manually block web visitors from certain IP address range.


  •    ASPNET

SharpNick is a DLL library containing functions that ASP.NET websites commonly use. Developed in C#.

Alternative .NET component for IP2Location binary database access


This library is a more convenient and faster way to work with binary geo IP databases from IP2Location service from your C# or VB.NET code.

FCCurrentLocationGeocoder - iOS Geocoder for forward geocode and reverse geocode user's current location using a block-based syntax

  •    Objective-C

iOS Geocoder on top of LocationManager and CLGeocoder for forward geocode and reverse geocode user's current location using a block-based syntax. It can also be used to geocode the user's approximate location (always country, almost always city) without asking for permission (using a free GeoIP service).

country - Tells you which country you're in

  •    Javascript

GeoIP microservice that returns client's country

ipfs-geoip - geoip lookup over ipfs

  •    Javascript

Provides the same results as lookup with the addition of a formatted property that looks like this: Mountain View, CA, United States, Earth.The utility geoip-gen reads csv files provided from GeoLite, and turns them into a 32-way branching b-tree, which is stored as ipfs json objects.

simple-geoip - barebone GeoIP, see https://github.com/dvv/simple-geoip/wiki for details

  •    Javascript

A fast JS implementation of the maxmind libGeoIP. You can use precompiled geo info by fetching it directly from here.

django-easy-timezones - Easy timezones for Django based on GeoIP

  •    Python

Easy IP-based timezones for Django (>=1.7) based on MaxMind GeoIP, with IPv6 support. Enable localtime in your templates.

mmdb-reader - Node.js reader for MaxMind DB (.mmdb) files for IP address data

  •    Javascript

Pure-JS reader for MaxMind DB (.mmdb) files, for looking up data indexed by IP address. Inspired by node-maxmind-db, but faster.

qqwry-java - A java library to read QQWry IP database. (纯真IP地址数据库)

  •    Java

A java library to read QQWry IP database. (纯真IP地址数据库)

node-ipgeoblock - Middleware to allow or block requests based on origin country.

  •    Javascript

Node-ipgeoblock helps you secure your Express application by intoducing the blacklist of IPs, the blacklist of countries or the whitelist of countries. This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com.

connect-geoip - Connect middleware to query client geolocation from geoip data

  •    Javascript

Connect middleware to query client geolocation from geoip data (at the moment country data is the only data retrieved). Example below returns geoip details (country) for every request.

nodejs-geoip2ws - Maxmind GeoIP2 Web Services for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Unofficial Node.js module for the Maxmind GeoIP2 Web Services. There are multiple ways to load and set up this module. All communication is done over HTTPS.

ip2countrify - A Node.js wrapper for IP2Country JSON API https://ip2country.info

  •    Javascript

ip2countrify is a memory-friendly and dependencies-free Node.js module for retrieving country information via https://ip2country.info JSON API. With support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

FCIPAddressGeocoder - iOS Geocoder for geocode device IP Address location using GeoIP service(s) and a block-based syntax

  •    Objective-C

iOS Geocoder for geocode device IP Address location using GeoIP service(s) and a block-based syntax. Copy FCIPAddressGeocoder.h and FCIPAddressGeocoder.m to your project.

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