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geobuf - A compact binary encoding for geographic data.

  •    Javascript

Geobuf is a compact binary encoding for geographic data.Think of this as an attempt to design a simple, modern Shapefile successor that works seamlessly with GeoJSON. Unlike Mapbox Vector Tiles, it aims for lossless compression of datasets — without tiling, projecting coordinates, flattening geometries or stripping properties.

IPAddressExtensions - extending the System.Net.IPAddress class


This is a .NET 3.5 library that retrieves the country information for an Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) Address, by extending the System.Net.IPAddress class. The most common use for this library would be determining the destination of a user connecting to your website or ...

cardboard - tile indexed geo database interface.

  •    Javascript

Cardboard is a JavaScript library for managing the storage of GeoJSON features on an AWS backend. It relies on DynamoDB for indexing and small-feature storage, and S3 for large-feature storage. Cardboard provides functions to create, read, update, and delete single features or in batch, as well as simple bounding-box spatial query capabilities.Providing AWS credentials is optional. Cardboard depends on the AWS SDK for JavaScript, and so credentials can be provided in any way supported by that library. See configuring the SDK in Node.js for more configuration options.

geo-viewport - Turns bounding boxes / extents into centerpoint & zoom combos for static maps.

  •    Javascript

Turns bounding boxes / extents into centerpoint & zoom combos for static maps.Works in node.js and browsers, via browserify or a script tag.

geodetic-to-ecef - convert geodetic (lat,lon) coordinates to ecef (x,y,z)

  •    Javascript

Return an array xyz of [x,y,z] coordinates in meters from lat and lon.Optionally supply an elevation in meters.

dobbyscan - A very fast density based clustering library for geographic points

  •    Javascript

A very fast density based clustering JavaScript library for geographic points. Implements a variation of DBSCAN with great circle distance metric. Returns an array of clusters, where each cluster is an array of points (from the input array).

pyEarth - :globe_with_meridians: A lightweight 3D visualization of the earth in 150 lines of Qt/OpenGL

  •    Python

pyEarth is a lightweight 3D visualization of the Earth implemented with pyQt and OpenGL: it is the 3D counterpart of pyGISS. A few shapefiles are available for testing in the 'pyEarth/shapefiles' folder (world countries, US).

pyGISS - :satellite: A lightweight GIS Software in less than 100 lines of code

  •    Python

A Geographic Information System (GIS) software is a software designed to import, analyze and visualize geographic data. PyGISS is a lightweight GIS software implemented both in tkinter and pyQt. Users can display maps using any type of projection and create objects either by importing an Excel file containing GPS coordinates, or with a Drag & Drop system. The standard version implements PyGISS in less than 100 lines of code.

GreatCircle - A concise collection of classes for PHP, Python, JavaScript and Ruby to calculate great circle distance, bearing, and destination between geographic coordinates

  •    PHP

A set of three functions, useful in geographical calculations of different sorts. Available for PHP, Python, Javascript and Ruby. Live demo of the JavaScript implementation.

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