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phpgeo - Simple Geo Library for PHP

  •    PHP

phpgeo provides abstractions to geographical coordinates (including support for different ellipsoids) and allows you to calculate geographical distances between coordinates with high precision. Minimum required PHP version is 7.0.

react-native-background-geolocation - Sophisticated, battery-conscious background-geolocation with motion-detection

  •    Objective-C

The most sophisticated background location-tracking & geofencing module with battery-conscious motion-detection intelligence for iOS and Android. The plugin's Philosophy of Operation is to use motion-detection APIs (using accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) to detect when the device is moving and stationary.

point-in-region - Fast and exact point in region location

  •    Javascript

Locates a point in a collection of regions. Point location is exact, takes O(log(n)) time, and the data structure has a space requirement of O(n log(n)). Preprocesses a collection of regions to answer point location queries efficiently.

georchestra - This is the main geOrchestra Spatial Data Infrastructure repository, which hosts the source code

  •    Game

geOrchestra is a complete Spatial Data Infrastructure solution. A new release is published every 6 months and is supported during 12 months. Stable versions are named by their release date, eg 18.06 (latest stable) was published in June 2018.

react-native-boundary - Native implementation of geofencing/region monitoring

  •    Java

A simple, native, and efficient geofencing/region monitoring react native library for both iOS and android.

BBLocationManager - A Location Manager for easily implementing location services & geofencing in iOS

  •    Objective-C

A Location Manager for easily implementing location services & geofencing in iOS, written in Objective-C. Ready for iOS 11. Location services is a powerful feature of iOS, but sometimes its not easy to understand all the API's and learn how to use them. With BBLocationManager, you can start using iOS Location Services API in no time. It provides good code documentation for better understanding of the methods and delegates. If you are making a location aware app or building a geofencing app like the Alarm app in iOS which reminds you to buy milk when you are near home, BBLocationManager can be your choice.

node-red-node-geofence - Geofence node for Node-RED

  •    Javascript

Region can be circular, rectangular or polygons and are drawn on to a map in the config node. Messages can be filtered depending on if they fall inside or outside the given region or the node can append the node name to a list of areas the msg falls in (to allow the chaining of geofence nodes).

react-native-geo-fence - Simple React-Native geofencing package

  •    Java

react-native-geo-fence uses ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission to track user's location changes. Prior to Android 6.0, all permissions specified in app manifest will be granted at install time. For Android 6.0 and above, permissions need to be requested at run time. To achieve this, react-native-geo-fence requests for said permission when RNGeofence.beginGeofencing() is triggered. Due to this, some other setups are required to be completed to enable react-native-geo-fence know when user has granted said permission. Contributions are welcome and will be fully credited.

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