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SAGA GIS - System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses

  •    C++

SAGA is a free geographic information system (GIS), with a special 'Application Programming Interface' (API) for geographic data processing. This API makes it easy to implement new algorithms. The SAGA API supports grid data, vector data, and tables. It has been designed for an easy and effective implementation of spatial algorithms.

mapbox-file-sniff - Detects the type of spatial files

  •    Javascript

Node module that returns a spatial filetype and protocol.fromBuffer(Buffer) - Sniff a file from a buffer.

mapnik-omnivore - Node module that returns metadata about spatial files.

  •    Javascript

Node module that returns metadata about spatial files.

fias - Ruby wrapper for the Russian FIAS database (Федеральная Информационная Адресная Система)

  •    Ruby

Ruby wrapper for the Russian ФИАС database. Designed for usage with Ruby on Rails and a PostgreSQL backend.

node-tileserver - A lightweight tileserver based on NodeJS for serving bitmap and vector tiles.

  •    Javascript

node-tileserver is a lightweight tileserver using NodeJS. It can serve bitmap and vector tiles and is designed as a fast and easy-to-install tileserver for rendering OpenStreetMap data. It works perfectly with an osm2pgsql database and Leaflet and KothicJS on the client side. See the OpenStreetMap Wiki or the Github repository for more information.

grasshopper-loader - Data loader for Grasshopper

  •    Javascript

Description: This is the data loader for Grasshopper, cfpb's work-in-progress geocoder. Data is gathered from state sources, verified, transformed into GeoJSON, loaded into Elasticsearch. The loader is a command-line application, run by invoking either ./index.js for state data or tiger.js for Census data.

jus - :watermelon: An opinionated tool for making static websites with browserify

  •    Javascript

jus is a development server and build tool for making static websites with no configuration and no boilerplate code. It has built-in support for browserify, ES6 and ES2015 with Babel, React JSX, GitHub Flavored markdown, syntax highlighting, Sass, Less, Stylus, Myth, Handlebars, browsersync and more.

geodata-br - Free open public domain geographic data of Brazil available in multiple languages and formats

  •    Python

This project goal is to provide accurated and up to date geographic data of all administrative subdivisions of Brazil. All data was compiled from SIDRA (IBGE's Automatic Recovery System) data sets by IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

geo.data.gouv.fr - Trouvez facilement les données géographiques dont vous avez besoin

  •    Javascript

Interface du site geo.data.gouv.fr basée sur les API de la plateforme Inspire et développée par la mission Etalab. Ce projet front est basé sur Next.js, il utilise React.

spatiasql.js - JavaScript port of SpatiaLite

  •    Makefile

(be patient, loading the js and database file takes some time).

LocationMapViewer - Android App to view Location in a map

  •    Java

An app that can display geografic info in a map. It has support for gpx and kml files and geo-uri-s and can work offline (without internet/wifi) once geodata is downloaded and cached. The code uses osmdroid library with osmbonuspack library to display maps from Open Street Map.