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portage - Portage Package Manager - this is just a mirror, see https://wiki

  •    Python

Portage Package Manager - this is just a mirror, see https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Portage#Contributing_to_Portage

macbookpro-2015-config - My personal Gentoo config for MacBook Pro Retina 2015 13"

  •    Shell

This my config files or scripts for Gentoo Linux on Macbook Pro Retina 2015 13”. You may also interested in my macbookpro2015-9999.ebuild.

tatsh-overlay - Personal Gentoo Portage overlay.

  •    Shell

This is stuff I make randomly. There is no real (free) support whatsoever, but if you find a bug, please file an issue.

gentoo-kernel-guide - A better way to configure and manage kernels on Gentoo Linux


and various tips. No more blind copying of 4,000+ line .config files, no unnecessary code, no bullshit. This repo explains how I download, configure, and install kernels on my Gentoo Linux machines.

Gentoo-Surface-Pro-3 - Install Gentoo on your Surface Pro 3

  •    Shell

Important: Sorry guys, but I don't use Gentoo any more, so I'm no longer maintaining this repo. If someone would like to fork it and take over, by all means, go nuts. This is a repository for all the tweaks and tricks required to get Gentoo Linux installed on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

dotfiles - Dotfiles

  •    Shell

My dotfiles for: bash, zsh, vim, git, tmux, screen and useful tools, etc.

paludis-hooks - A set of my paludis hooks

  •    Shell

Here is a set of my hooks (plugins) for paludis I wrote and use few years already. and so on.

deadbeef-overlay - DeaDBeeF player overlay for Gentoo Linux

  •    Shell

The deadbeef-overlay overlay is designed to be used with Gentoo Linux, however, ebuilds from this overlay can be used on any modern Gentoo Linux based derivative.

gentoo-build - shell scripts that builds systemd based gentoo box for x86_64 platform

  •    Shell

shell scripts that builds systemd based gentoo box for x86_64 platform. packer build should be run in the repository root directory.

torbrowser-overlay - Gentoo overlay for Tor Browser related ebuilds

  •    Shell

To add the torbrowser overlay, run layman -a torbrowser. Install either www-client/torbrowser-launcher or www-client/torbrowser. If unsure, choose www-client/torbrowser-launcher.

gentoojp.github.io - GitHub Pages for Gentoo JP Website

  •    Ruby

GitHub Pages for Gentoo JP Website

mkstage4 - Bash Utility for Creating Stage 4 Tarballs

  •    Shell

This is a bash script to create stage 4 tarballs either for the running system, or a system at a specified mount point. The script is a new edition of an earlier mkstage4 script by Greg Fitzgerald (unmaintained as of 2012) which is itself a revamped edition of the original mkstage4 by Reto Glauser (unmaintaied as of 2009). More information on mkstage4 can be found on its own Chymeric Tutorials article: mkstage4 - Stage 4 Tarballs Made Easy.

gentoo-overlay - Public Gentoo overlay of CTU

  •    Shell

Gentoo overlay with some ebuilds created or modified on CTU and are not yet in the official repository. To synchronize it, run: layman -s cvut.

brother-overlay - Portage overlay for Brother printer and scanner software

  •    Shell

Afterwards, simply run emerge --sync, and Portage should seamlessly make all our ebuilds available. Or read the instructions on the Gentoo Wiki.

mrueg-overlay - Mirrored Gentoo overlay. Add it via "layman -a mrueg"

  •    Shell

This includes many ebuilds, that currently aren't ready or suitable (e.g. bin pkgs) for the main tree.

repoman-travis - Travis.yml to run repoman in your overlay.

  •    Shell

.travis.yml to run repoman continuously for your overlay. Repoman is a tool to enforce a minimal level of quality assurance in packages added to Gentoo's main repository and overlays.