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gen - Type-driven code generation for Go

  •    Go

gen is a code-generation tool for Go. It’s intended to offer generics-like functionality on your types. Out of the box, it offers offers LINQ/underscore-inspired methods.It also offers third-party, runtime extensibility via typewriters.

Time - 🕰 Type-safe time calculations in Swift, powered by generics

  •    Swift

To represent 10 minutes. Although, in my opinion, you would rarely need to.

jennifer - Jennifer is a code generator for Go

  •    Go

Jennifer is a code generator for Go.If you get stuck, have a question, would like a code review, or just want a chat: I'm happy to help! Feel free to open an issue, email me or mention @dave in your PR.

Time - Type-safe time calculations in Kotlin, powered by generics.

  •    Kotlin

to represent a duration of 10 seconds(in milliseconds) because most methods in Kotlin/Java take duration parameters in milliseconds.

pie - 🍕 Enjoy a slice! A utility library for dealing with slices and maps that focuses on type safety and performance

  •    Go

Enjoy a slice! pie is a code generator for dealing with slices that focuses on type safety, performance and immutability. Run go generate. This will create a file called cars_pie.go. You should commit this with the rest of your code. Run go generate any time you need to add more types.

gomacro - Interactive Go interpreter and debugger with REPL, Eval, generics and Lisp-like macros

  •    Go

gomacro is an almost complete Go interpreter, implemented in pure Go. It offers both an interactive REPL and a scripting mode, and does not require a Go toolchain at runtime (except in one very specific case: import of a 3rd party package at runtime). press TAB to autocomplete a word, and press it again to cycle on possible completions.

Flix - iOS reusable form library in Swift.

  •    Swift

Flix is a flexible iOS framework for creating dynamic forms with UITableView or UICollectionView. Flix focus on combining cells of UICollectionView or UITableView, it don't care about the view layout, business logic. So you can easily build custom form using Flix.

goderive - Next generation code generator for go

  •    Go

goderive derives mundane golang functions that you do not want to maintain and keeps them up to date.It does this by parsing your go code for functions, which are not implemented, and then generates these functions for you by deriving their implementations from the input parameter types.

.Net JavaScript Implementations

  •    Javascript

One goal of this project is to create JavaScript classes which function as do the the CLR Classes in .Net. Another aspect of this library is to demonstrate proper use of the ES5 concepts and gracefully degrade in situations where ES5 is not found and the current run time ca...

C# .NET Generic Matrix Maths Library

  •    CSharp

Public domain .NET matrix maths library, including a generic matrix base class (supporting matricies with elements of any object type) and a DoubleMatrix class supporting a range of mathematical operations using Double elements.


  •    DotNet

Written in C# 2.0, Generics.Net is a well organized class library which contains datastructures, algorithms, design patterns and other utilities in generic form.


  •    DotNet

Reusable library that can equip any action in your application with the Undo/Redo feature. You may use complex data structures and complex algorithms with no care about how they will be rolled back on user demand or after an error.

WinForms Group Controls

  •    DotNet

WinForms controls that display multiple sub-controls without creating a unique window handle for each child. Instead each child is drawn using the default renderers and its space and status are managed by the parent. Currently a RadioButtonList and a CheckBoxList are implemented.

SpecializedEnum: a base class to allow enum-like behavior with arbitrary objects

  •    DotNet

This class uses readonly variables, reflection, generics, and an internal ordered list to provide behavior similar to that of an enum but with arbitrary objects or value types rather than only integer numeric types. Public static readonly variables can be added in the derived ...

Fast Invoker


Fast Invoker is small project to create a library that provide a fast and dynamic invoke in run-time. Fast Invoker like .NET Reflection but it's too much better and faster.

Generic Compact Input Language

  •    DotNet

Generic Compact Input Language (GCIL) is a library supporting interpretation of a customizable input language.

KeyedList Project


A project that will offer an alternative to the generic KeyedCollection<key, item> for ease of use.

Composite Specification Pattern

  •    CSharp

I have implemented the Specification pattern using the Composite pattern in order to provide the ability to combine Specifications in various ways. I really needed this in a project, and I was surprised that I could not find any .NET implementations out in the blogoshpere, so...

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