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.Net JavaScript Implementations

One goal of this project is to create JavaScript classes which function as do the the CLR Classes in .Net. Another aspect of this library is to demonstrate proper use of the ES5 concepts and gracefully degrade in situations where ES5 is not found and the current run time ca...

Advanced .NET Collections

Library of specialized containers : dynamic multi-dimensional arrays, bijective (reversible) dictionaries etc.

servicestack-client - TypeScript servicestack-client npm package

ServiceStack's TypeScript library providing convenience utilities in developing web apps. Integrates with ServiceStack's Server features including ServiceClient, Server Events, Error Handling and Validation

ServiceStack.Swift - Swift support used in ServiceStack

Follow @ServiceStack or join the Google+ Community for updates, or StackOverflow or the Customer Forums for support.See Swift Add ServiceStack Reference for an overview of the Swift Support in ServiceStack.

blocktree - Back to the basics, Hickey-inspired, generic text parser

Back to the basics, Hickey-inspired, generic text parser that spits out an Abstract Syntax Tree that you can operate on.Another analogy you can draw is where your cursor is in a document is a marker and when you make a selection, that's a block.