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generate-schema - Convert JSON Objects to MySQL Schema, JSON Schema, Mongoose Schema, Google BigQuery, or a Generic template for Swagger files, documentation, code generation, and more

Convert JSON Objects to MySQL Table Schema, JSON Schema, Mongoose Schema, ClickHouse Schema, Google BigQuery, or a Generic template for documentation, code generation, and more. Optionally, add -g to the above if you want the generate-schema command line executable.

catbox - Multi-strategy object caching service

catbox is a multi-strategy key-value object store. It comes with extensions supporting a memory cache, Redis, MongoDB, Memcached, Riak, Amazon S3, RethinkDB, Couchbase, Aerospike and LevelDB.catbox provides two interfaces: a low-level Client and a high-level Policy.

.Net JavaScript Implementations

One goal of this project is to create JavaScript classes which function as do the the CLR Classes in .Net. Another aspect of this library is to demonstrate proper use of the ES5 concepts and gracefully degrade in situations where ES5 is not found and the current run time ca...

Advanced .NET Collections

Library of specialized containers : dynamic multi-dimensional arrays, bijective (reversible) dictionaries etc.

frunk - Funktional generic programming in Rust: HList, Coproduct, Generic, LabelledGeneric, Validated, Monoid and friends

Statically typed heterogeneous lists. You can pluck a type out of an HList using pluck(), which also gives you back the remainder after plucking that type out. This method is checked at compile-time to make sure that the type you ask for can be extracted.

ecst - [WIP] Experimental C++14 multithreaded compile-time entity-component-system library.

Experimental & work-in-progress C++14 multithreaded compile-time Entity-Component-System header-only library. Successful development of complex real-time applications and games requires a flexible and efficient entity management system. As a project becomes more intricate, it’s critical to find an elegant way to compose objects in order to prevent code repetition, improve modularity and open up powerful optimization possibilities.

servicestack-client - TypeScript servicestack-client npm package

ServiceStack's TypeScript library providing convenience utilities in developing web apps. Integrates with ServiceStack's Server features including ServiceClient, Server Events, Error Handling and Validation

ServiceStack.Swift - Swift support used in ServiceStack

Follow @ServiceStack or join the Google+ Community for updates, or StackOverflow or the Customer Forums for support.See Swift Add ServiceStack Reference for an overview of the Swift Support in ServiceStack.

ServiceStack.Java - ServiceStack Java Libraries and Apps

Follow @ServiceStack or join the Google+ Community for updates, or StackOverflow or the Customer Forums for support.For information on the different code-generation configuration options available and examples of using the JsonServiceClient refer to the Java ServiceStack Reference Documentation.

Astview - Astview is a graphical viewer for abstract syntax trees

Astview (short for "abstract syntax tree view") is a little desktop program to be used by people that want to investigate syntax trees, e.g. students and lecturers in compiler construction courses. The program evolved as a case study in datatype-generic programming and building graphical user interfaces in Haskell. Astview is under continuous development. The sources can be found at Github.

xfer - Simple binary TLV reader/writer for node.js

xfer is a module for node.js that reads and writes binary-compatible messages using a simple TLV-like protocol.Two types of events are emitted from an Xfer instance: integer (type) events and a special catch-all event ('*').

blocktree - Back to the basics, Hickey-inspired, generic text parser

Back to the basics, Hickey-inspired, generic text parser that spits out an Abstract Syntax Tree that you can operate on.Another analogy you can draw is where your cursor is in a document is a marker and when you make a selection, that's a block.

ReusableKit - Generic reusables for Cocoa

Generic reusables for Cocoa. Currently supports UITableView and UICollectionView. It is recommended to define reusable types as a static constants in an enum or a struct.

Upstream - ⛲️ Adapted Data Source in Swift and a little bit more

Arguably one of the first things we learn about iOS development is rendering a list of items using UITableView, UICollectionView, and that is also the task we do every day. We mostly do the same task again and again, fetch and parse json, register cells and manually manage data sources. Using a framework gives you a boost at the start, but it also limits you in many ways. Using plain UITableView, UICollectionView is absolutely the right choice as sometimes we need just that. But think about that for a minute, most of the times we just need to do UITableView, UICollectionView right with little effort, especially when it comes to data with multiple sections and cell types.

recaf - Recaffeinating Java ☕️ with custom semantics and extensions

Recaf is an open-source framework for authoring extensions (dialects) as libraries for Java. You can redefine every major syntactic element of the language, either add new ones or create your own flavor of Java that matches your needs. It can be used to give syntactic support to libraries, to generate and instrument code. Last but not least you can experiment with the design and implementation of Java extensions in plain Java. Imagine we want to create our own try-with-resources statement for Java! Let's call it using.

RangeTree - A generic interval tree implementation in C#

A generic implementation of a centered interval tree in C#. Also comes with an asynchronous version which rebuilds the tree using the Task Parallel Library (TPL). In computer science, an interval tree is an ordered tree data structure to hold intervals. Specifically, it allows one to efficiently find all intervals that overlap with any given interval or point. It is often used for windowing queries, for instance, to find all roads on a computerized map inside a rectangular viewport, or to find all visible elements inside a three-dimensional scene.

tree-crawl - :leaves: Agnostic tree traversal library.

Agnostic tree traversal library. If you are really concerned about performance, you could read items from the stack directly. Each item has a node and index property that you can use. The first item in the stack can be discarded and will have a node set to null. Be aware that you should not mutate the stack, or it will break the traversal.

language-generic-config - Basic syntax highlighting for generic config files in Atom.

Provides basic syntax highlighting for configuration files that are just composed of comments or non-comments with no particular structure, like .gitignore or .gitattributes files. The package supports formats which use # or ; to introduce comments.