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taskr - A fast, concurrency-focused task automation tool.

  •    Javascript

Taskr is a highly performant task runner, much like Gulp or Grunt, but written with concurrency in mind. With Taskr, everything is a coroutine, which allows for cascading and composable tasks; but unlike Gulp, it's not limited to the stream metaphor. Taskr is extremely extensible, so anything can be a task. Our core system will accept whatever you throw at it, resulting in a modular system of reusable plugins and tasks, connected by a declarative taskfile.js that's easy to read.

node-thunkify - Turn a regular node function into one which returns a thunk

  •    Javascript

Turn a regular node function into one which returns a thunk, useful for generator-based flow control such as co.

WPF Composites


WPF Composites offers a pure C# code-behind (no XAML, no datatemplates) approach to working with WPF controls via grid-based composites.

gnode - Run node with ES6 Generators, today!

  •    Javascript

gnode is a very light wrapper around your node executable that ensures ES6 Generator support, even on versions of node that do not support ES6 Generators natively.You use it exactly like the regular node executable, except that you do not need to pass the --harmony-generators flag. That is where the magic happens.

koala - [SEEKING MAINTAINER] An HTTP/2 and ES6 Module-ready Koa Suite

  •    Javascript

A suite of Koa utilities allowing for quicker bootstrapping, as well as a consequential guide on how to write apps using the Koa philosophy. Think of it as a KrakenJS for Koa. Koa is a bare minimal framework, focusing on unopinionated core HTTP utilities. However, this is not sufficient for most apps as a lot is not supported out of the box. Including a bunch of dependencies in every new app you create quickly becomes annoying.

learn-generators - JavaScript ES(6|2015) generators workshopper. Learn in practice. :metal:

  •    Javascript

An Intro to ES6 generators via a set of self-guided workshops. Send an anonymous feedback about learn-generators here: google/form.

node-csp - Communicating sequential processes for node.

  •    Javascript

Communicating sequential processes for node. Go style concurrency with channels.WARNING: This package is at an experimental stage at the moment.

co-aws - AWS wrapper for generators

  •    Javascript

AWS client for generators.Only EC2 is supported right now, aws-sdk is massive, but if you feel like wrapping the rest or want to help maintain this library let me know! I just need EC2 for now.

co-parallel - Execute thunks in parallel with concurrency support

  •    Javascript

Parallel execution with concurrency support that maintains result ordering.Execute thunks in parallel, with the given concurrency defaulting to 5.

co-ssh - SSH client for generators

  •    Javascript

SSH client for generators.

co-each - Parallel forEach for generators

  •    Javascript

Parallel forEach for generators.as in Array#forEach and yield when all are done. Functions are being executed in parallel.

co-level - LevelUp wrappers for "co"

  •    Javascript

LevelUP wrappers for co.Currently you have to pass the flag --harmony to node and need at least version 0.11.0.

redux-co - cojs middleware for Redux

  •    Javascript

redux-co is a drop-in replacement for redux-thunk (and indeed passes its test suite). It's meant to support async actions through yieldables as well as plain thunk functions.Redux Thunk middleware allows you to write action creators that return a function instead of an action. The thunk can be used to delay the dispatch of an action, or to dispatch only if a certain condition is met. The inner function receives the store methods dispatch and getState() as parameters.

bluebird-co - A set of high performance yield handlers for Bluebird coroutines

  •    Javascript

A set of high performance yield handlers for Bluebird coroutines.bluebird-co is a reimplementation of tj/co generator coroutines using bluebird, Bluebird.coroutine and Bluebird.coroutine.addYieldHandler to insert a yield handler that can transform all the same yieldable value types as tj/co and more.

co-emitter - Generator powered emitter for sync and async

  •    Javascript

The Emitter may be used as a mixin or a standalone object.Registers generator as a listener for name.

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