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phony - A fake data generator in JavaScript/CoffeeScript.

  •    CoffeeScript

A fake data generator in JavaScript/CoffeeScript. While this repository is perfectly functional, I'd recommend you consider Faker.js, which is a similar framework that is both more featureful and more actively maintained.

password - Memorable passwords generator

  •    CoffeeScript

It is based on a list of 21,114 English words, thereby providing about 14 bits of randomness per word. A useful password will therefor require at least 3 words. The module returns a function which can be called with the desired number of words.

cscodegen - :recycle: CoffeeScript code generator

  •    CoffeeScript

For now, create a symbolic link to the CoffeeScriptRedux project in node_modules/CoffeeScriptRedux. I don't want to add a submodule until it is less volatile.

bea - Expose your C++ Libraries to Javascript with Google's V8

  •    CoffeeScript

Bea helps you expose C++ libraries to Javascript. It generates the 'glue' code between your C++ classes and the V8 Javascript engine. The objects and functions which you want to expose are defined in special '.bea' files. Bea parses these files and generates a .h and .cpp which you include in your project and build it. Then you can write Javascript applications which use your C++ classes.

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