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svg-generator - An online SVG Graphics Generator with the ability to export to SVG.

  •    Javascript

It is running purely in the Browser, PHP is only used to trick the browser into downloading the SVG to a File.

webpassgen - Simple web-based password generator

  •    Javascript

This is a simple web-based password generator which uses 9-different styles of passwords that can fit personal preferences, or restrictions from websites that require the password in a certain format. Everything is calculated in JavaScript locally, and the passwords are not sent to the server for logging. You should be able to download this code, and run it offline, if you're truly paranoid.

WaveformGenerator.js - :ocean: Waveform generator for JavaScript on the client.

  •    Javascript

WaveformGenerator.js is a simple and small library for JavaScript which generates waveform from audio, either as PNG or SVG data. You can change the color of the waveform, the width of bars, width of gaps between bars and the bars alignment.

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