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autograf - [ON HOLD] Another way for building Grafana dashboards.


Work in progress! If you looking for grafana and client libraries you will find them at sdk. Grafana is flexible and usable for exploring and visualizing data. But UI of Grafana is not very suitable for repetitive operations with large number of objects on multiple dashboards. Aim of Autograf project is help with maintaining a large set of dashboards and datasources in an automated way. Autograf will not try to be a replacement for native Grafana methods of automation (templating variables, repeatable panels and scripted dashboards) but it complement them with own way. But I think DSL with a plain blocks of text without complex nesting will good for representing Grafana board-row-panel concept.

sdk - Library for using Grafana' structures in Go programs and client for Grafana REST API.

  •    Go

SDK for Go language offers a library for interacting with Grafana server from Go applications. It realizes many of HTTP REST API calls for administration, client, organizations. Beside of them it allows creating of Grafana objects (dashboards, panels, datasources) locally and manipulating them for constructing dashboards programmatically. It would be helpful for massive operations on a large set of dashboards for example. It was made foremost for autograf project but later separated from it and moved to this new repository because the library is useful per se.

json2builtvalue - Json to Dart built_value classes generator

  •    Javascript

Json to Dart built_value classes generator