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ndarray-gemm - General matrix multiplication for ndarrays

  •    Javascript

General matrix multiply for ndarrays. This is analogous to the BLAS level 3 routine xGEMM.Note that while this implementation is correct, it is not yet very optimized. If someone wants to take over this project or suggest improvements, patches are welcome.

Do-I-Know-JS - Javascript patterns uncovered with examples

  •    CSS

Series of workshops with examples related to different JavaScript good parts and design recipies.Every example on some topic stays in a separate folder and consists of main index.html file that can be opened in the browser and index.js that can be easily executed via command-line.

wru - essential unit test framework

  •    Javascript

wru is an essential general purpose test framework compatible with web environment, node.js, Rhino, and now PhantomJS too. wru is compatible with basically all possible browsers out there included IE5.5, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Webkit based, Mobile Browsers, and Opera.

passports-template-mixins - A middleware that exposes a series of Mustache mixins on res

  •    Javascript

A middleware that exposes a series of Mustache mixins on res.locals to ease usage of forms, translations, and some other things. It takes an optional options object argument.

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