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wpt - Test suites for Web platform specs — including WHATWG, W3C, and others

  •    HTML

The web-platform-tests Project is a W3C-coordinated attempt to build a cross-browser testsuite for the Web-platform stack. Writing tests in a way that allows them to be run in all browsers gives browser projects confidence that they are shipping software that is compatible with other implementations, and that later implementations will be compatible with their implementations. This in turn gives Web authors/developers confidence that they can actually rely on the Web platform to deliver on the promise of working across browsers and devices without needing extra layers of abstraction to paper over the gaps left by specification editors and implementors. Clone or otherwise get https://github.com/web-platform-tests/wpt.

manet - Website screenshot service powered by Node.js, SlimerJS and PhantomJS

  •    Javascript

There is only one true thing: instantly paint what you see. When you've got it, you've got it. When you haven't, you begin again. All the rest is humbug. Manet is a REST API server which allows capturing screenshots of websites using various parameters. It is a good way to make sure that your websites are responsive or to make thumbnails.

Gecko To AR Code Converter


Gecko To AR Code Converter For Dolphin Gamecube and Wii emulator It's developed in VB2010 & .Net 4.0.

firebox - SDK on top of Firefox for building desktop apps using HTML/CSS/JS

  •    Javascript

Application runtime shared with Firefox that can be used to create cross platform desktop applications such as Firefox itself using web technologies. Applications packages are just Firefox OS Packged Apps. Argument passed is a path to an application manifest which is json file with information about the application (follow the link for details).

bluegriffon - BlueGriffon, the Web editor

  •    Javascript

Warning: on Windows, it's HIGHLY recommended to have both Windows and Visual Studio in the same locale, preferably en-US. If for instance you have a fr-FR Windows10 and a en-US VS, build will miserably fail...

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