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aws-lambda-ffmpeg - An S3-triggered Amazon Web Services Lambda function that runs your choice of FFmpeg 🎬 commands on a file 🎥 and uploads the outputs to a bucket

  •    Javascript

An AWS Lambda Event-driven function that resizes videos and outputs thumbnails using FFmpeg. This function is meant for short-duration videos. If you need to transcode long videos, check out AWS Elastic Transcoder. The different platforms have different naming conventions for their services. To simplify this, listed below is a proposed table of generalized terms that are platform-independent.

express-chromeframe - Dead simple middleware to enable chromeframe on connect/express applications.

  •    Javascript

Simple middleware to enable chrome frame on connect/express applications. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

secrets-in-serverless - A collection of examples for doing secrets management in serverless lambda or cloud functions

  •    Go

This repository contains a collection of samples and examples for managing secrets in serverless lambda applications and cloud functions. The samples correspond to my Secrets in Serverless blog post. There are examples in Go, Node, and Python for each of the examples. The examples use Google Cloud Functions, but the concepts are largely applicable to other serverless technologies like AWS Lambda.

vpk - 📦 Deal with Valve's Pack format in python

  •    Python

VPK is Valve's file format for storing game assets. Pythonic access to VPK files and their contents together with a cli tool. Tested and works on python2.6, python2.7, python3.2+, pypy and pypy3.

functions-as-a-service - A demo showing Google Cloud Functions + Google Maps Platform

  •    TypeScript

The demo shows calling Google Maps Platform APIs from Google Cloud Functions. This uses npm-watch with the functions-framework to auto re-build the server after changes.

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