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c - Compile and execute C "scripts" in one go!

  •    Shell

I love C for its raw speed (although it does have its drawbacks). We should all write more C. Use a package manager? Check here.

sol2 - Sol3 (sol2 v3

  •    C++

sol is a C++ library binding to Lua. It currently supports all Lua versions 5.1+ (LuaJIT 2.x included). sol aims to be easy to use and easy to add to a project. The library is header-only for easy integration with projects. Find it here. A run-through kind of tutorial is here! The API documentation goes over most cases (particularly, the "api/usertype" and "api/table_proxy" and "api/function" sections) that should still get you off your feet and going, and there's an examples directory here as well.

pfr - std::tuple like methods for user defined types without any macro or boilerplate code

  •    C++

This is a C++14 library for very basic reflection that gives you access to structure elements by index and provides other std::tuple like methods for user defined types without any macro or boilerplate code. Boost.PFR is a part of the Boost C++ Libraries. However, Boost.PFR is a header only library that does not depend on Boost. You can just copy the content of the "include" folder from the github into your project, and the library will work fine.

ccache - ccache – a fast compiler cache

  •    C

ccache is a compiler cache. It speeds up recompilation by caching the result of previous compilations and detecting when the same compilation is being done again. Supported languages are C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++.

magic_get - std::tuple like methods for user defined types without any macro or boilerplate code

  •    C++

This C++14 library is meant for accessing structure elements by index and providing other std::tuple like methods for user defined types without any macro or boilerplate code. Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.

c2goasm - C to Go Assembly

  •    Go

This is a tool to convert assembly as generated by a C/C++ compiler into Golang assembly. It is meant to be used in combination with asm2plan9s in order to automatically generate pure Go wrappers for C/C++ code (that may for instance take advantage of compiler SIMD intrinsics or template<> code).You can optionally nicely format the code using asmfmt by passing in an -f flag.

Project Nonnon


Keep-It-Simple Softwares for Win32 MinGW GCC 3.x (you can download from this site) C Language + Batch Files POSIX-based Base Layer Library Win32 Applications Easy2Compile Easy2Make Easy2Use

FrameOfReference - C++ library to pack and unpack vectors of integers having a small range of values using a technique called Frame of Reference

  •    C

C++ library to pack and unpack vectors of integers having a small range of values using a technique called Frame of Reference (Goldstein et al. 1998). It should run fast even though it is written in simple C++.There is a similar API with turbocompress and turbouncompress with the difference that compresseddata uses an uint8_t pointer type.

CRoaring - Roaring bitmaps in C (and C++)

  •    C

Bitsets, also called bitmaps, are commonly used as fast data structures. Unfortunately, they can use too much memory. To compensate, we often use compressed bitmaps.Roaring bitmaps are compressed bitmaps which tend to outperform conventional compressed bitmaps such as WAH, EWAH or Concise. They are used by several major systems such as Apache Lucene and derivative systems such as Solr and Elasticsearch, Metamarkets' Druid, LinkedIn Pinot, Netflix Atlas, Apache Spark, OpenSearchServer, Cloud Torrent, Whoosh, Pilosa, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), and eBay's Apache Kylin.

wac - WebAssembly interpreter in C

  •    C

A Minimal WebAssembly interpreter written in C. Supports the WebAssembly MVP (minimum viable product) version of the WebAssembly specification.To compile wast source files to binary wasm modules you will need the wasm-as tool from Binaryen. To compile C programs to wasm modules you will need a patched version of emscripten, the incoming branch of fastcomp and the master branch of binaryen.

ewxb_gcc_cross-compiler_builder - Build a full GCC+glibc toolchain from scratch (with Go support)

  •    Shell

This is a script documenting the steps and phases take when I compiled a GCC cross toolchain for GCC 4.9 head (with Go support). Building a cross-compiler is complex due to dependencies so a lot of bootstrapping has to be done. This script is inspired by Jim Blandy's excellent eglibc cross-compiling guide posted at eglibc's mailinglist at [patches] Cross-building instructions. This script can serve as a starting point for those who want to build a x-toolchain from scratch. Don't expect it to work in directly as it's tailored for my setup. Instead you can re-use the phases and modify the script with parameters that you need. The last phases adds Go support, which is easy to comment out if you're only interested in a C/C++ compiler.

minifyjs - A node-package for minifying javascript.

  •    Javascript

minifyjs is a Javascript code minifier written for node. It's aim is flexibility. This will install the current stable version. To install the latest development version, clone this repository and install it.

docker-alpine-gcc - The smallest Docker image with C compiler (GCC) (101MB)


This image is based on Alpine Linux image, which is only a 5MB image, and contains C compiler (GCC package).

uefi-ntfs - UEFI:NTFS - Boot NTFS partitions from UEFI

  •    C

UEFI:NTFS is a generic bootloader, that is designed to allow boot from an NTFS partition, in pure UEFI mode, even if your system does not natively support it. This is primarily intended for use with Rufus, but can also be used independently. In other words, UEFI:NTFS is designed to remove the restriction, which most UEFI systems have, of only providing boot support from a FAT32 partition, and enable the ability to also boot from NTFS partitions.

efifs - EFI FileSystem drivers

  •    C

This is a GPLv3+ implementation of standalone EFI File System drivers, based on the GRUB 2.0 read-only drivers. If QEMU is installed, the Visual Studio solution will set up and test the drivers using QEMU (by also downloading a sample image for each target file system). Note however that VS debugging expects a 64-bit version of QEMU to be installed in C:\Program Files\qemu\ (which you can download here). If that is not the case, you should edit .msvc\debug.vbs accordingly.

pluggable-output-processor - Pluggable Output Processor

  •    Python

Pluggable Output Processor is an engine to wrap any executabe and capture its output through a pluggable module to colorize it and/or (re)format. Then you may edit /etc/outproc/make.conf to adjust color settings. Note that gcc, g++, cc and c++ are the same module actually (named after typical GCC executables) and use the same /etc/outproc/gcc.conf config file.

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