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glsl-fast-gaussian-blur - optimized single-pass blur shaders for GLSL

  •    Javascript

Optimized separable gaussian blurs for GLSL. This is adapted from Efficient Gaussian Blur with Linear Sampling.The function blurs in a single direction. For correct results, the texture should be using gl.LINEAR filtering.

glur - Fast gaussian blur in pure JavaScript via IIR filer

  •    Javascript

Fast Gaussian Blur in pure JavaScript, via IIR filer. Speed does not depend on blur radius.demo 1, demo 2.

ndarray-gaussian-filter - Gaussian blur for ndarrays

  •    Javascript

An FFT based Gaussian filter for ndarrays.Filters an ndarray using a Gaussian filter.

gauss-random - Sample standard normal distribution

  •    Javascript

Samples the standard normal distribution, with 0 mean and unit standard deviation.Generates a random number from the Guassian distribution.

rref - solve systems of linear equations using gaussian elimination

  •    Javascript

Compute the reduced row echelon form for matrix in-place, returning and modifying matrix.matrix should be an array of arrays.

react-native-fxblurview - react native ui component for popular FXBlurView library

  •    Objective-C

<FXBlurView /> provides a [React Native][react-native] component wrapping the native FXBlurView UIView subclass for realtime background blur effect and is compatible with iOS 5 and above. Provides a React Native component which wraps the FXBlurView.

nodejs-fft-windowing - Applies a windowing function to an array of data, making it ready to be FFT'd

  •    Javascript

nodejs-fft-windowing is a node.js module that applies a windowing function to an array of data, making it ready to be FFT'd. This article by National Instruments gives a good introduction to why windowing functions are useful.

gl-react-blur - Universal gl-react multi-pass gaussian Blur effect with configurable intensity

  •    Javascript

Universal gl-react multi-pass gaussian Blur effect with configurable intensity. More advanced...

stackblur-go - A fast almost Gaussian Blur implementation in Go

  •    Go

stackblur-go is a Go port of Stackblur algorithm created by Mario Klingemann. Comparing to the Javascript implementation the Go version is at least 50% faster (depending on the image size and blur radius), running the same image with the same bluring radius.

node-gsl - GNU Scientific Library (GSL) for NodeJS

  •    C++

This project provide a binding between the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) and NodeJS. At the moment, the library is partially integrated.

Super-Blur - Screen and UI gaussian blur for Unity

  •    HLSL

Blur effect that you can apply on Camera and UI. Gaussian weights was taken from this project. Just add SuperBlur.cs or SuperBlurFast.cs script to Camera and attach Blur Material and UI Material to it.

random - The most RANDOM module on npm! 😜

  •    Javascript

Seedable random number generator supporting many common distributions. All distribution methods return a thunk (function with no params), which will return a series of independent, identically distributed random variables from the specified distribution.

multivariate-normal-js - A Javascript / Node.JS port of NumPy's multivariate_normal

  •    Javascript

A pure-javascript port of NumPy's random.multivariate_normal, for Node.js and the browser. Draw random samples from a multivariate normal distribution.

GaussianNB - Gaussian Naive Bayes (GaussianNB) classifier

  •    Python

Simple Gaussian Naive Bayes classifier implementation. It also implements 5-fold cross-validation. Compared performance with Zero-R algorithm.

glsl-hash-blur - a blur effect based on random hash offset

  •    GLSL

A fast blur effect that uses a random hash to compute the sample offset. This gives a snowy/grainy feel to the blur. When requiring, you must specify a sample function and the iterations (a const or #define integer). See demo.frag for an implementation of a vignette blur.