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gardener - Kubernetes API server extension and controller manager managing the full lifecycle of conformant Kubernetes clusters (Shoots) as a service on AWS, Azure, GCP, and OpenStack

  •    Go

The Gardener implements the automated management and operation of Kubernetes clusters as a service and aims to support that service on multiple Cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenStack). Its main principle is to use Kubernetes itself as base for its tasks. In essence, the Gardener is an extension API server along with a bundle of Kubernetes controllers which introduces new API objects in an existing Kubernetes cluster (which is called Garden cluster) in order to use them for the management of further Kubernetes clusters (which are called Shoot clusters). To do that reliably and to offer a certain quality of service, it requires to control the main components of a Kubernetes cluster (etcd, API server, controller manager, scheduler). These so-called control plane components are hosted in Kubernetes clusters themselves (which are called Seed clusters).

gardenctl - Command-line client for the Gardener.

  •    Go

gardenctl is a command-line client for administrative purposes for the Gardener. It facilitates the administration of one or many garden, seed and shoot clusters, e.g. to check for issues which occured in one of these clusters. Details about the concept behind the Gardener are described in the Gardener wiki. gardenctl is shipped for mac and linux in a binary format. The easiest way to install it, is to download the file or curl it.

machine-controller-manager - Declarative way of managing machines for Kubernetes cluster

  •    Go

Machine Controller Manager (MCM) manages VMs as another kubernetes custom resource. It provides a declarative way to manage VMs. The current implementation supports AWS, GCP, Azure and Openstack. It can easily extended to support other cloud providers as well. See the design documentation in the /docs/design repository, please find the design doc here.

cc-utils - CI/CD utils for gardener project

  •    Python

cc-utils is a collection of re-usable utils intended to be used in the context of Continuous Integration and output qualification of components relevant for the gardener project. Run .ci/install_git_hooks to register recommended git hooks.

auto-node-repair - Kubernetes controller to repair not-ready nodes

  •    Go

Use the deploy/kubernetes/deployment.yaml to deploy the auto-node-repair into the cluster. Refer to this file for more details.

gardener-extensions - Gardener extension controller library - utilities and common functionality.

  •    Go

The content of this repository has been moved to https://github.com/gardener/gardener/tree/master/extensions as part of gardener/gardener#2141.

terraform-provider-gardener - Terraform Provider for Gardener

  •    Go

The Terraform Provider for Gardener enables Terraform to provision Kubernetes clusters on chosen cloud providers using Gardener. Currently, the Terraform Provider for Gardener supports AWS, Azure, and GCP. With the plugin installed in the cache folder as shown above, you can use the source address kyma-project.io/kyma-incubator/gardener for the provider, e.g.

gardener-metrics-exporter - A Prometheus exporter for Gardener service-level metrics.

  •    Go

The gardener-metrics-exporter is a Prometheus metrics exporter for Gardener service-level related metrics. This application requires Go 1.9 or later.

vscode-gardener-tools - Gardener tools for VSCode

  •    Javascript

This Visual Studio Code Kubernetes Tools extension allows you to work with your gardener projects, shoots, plants and seeds. No projects are listed and you also see the entry No permission to list projects. Specify the projects in the extension configuration.

gardener-extension-networking-calico - Gardener extension controller for the Calico CNI network plugin

  •    Go

Please find a concrete example in the example folder. All the Calico specific configuration should be configured in the providerConfig section. If additional configuration is required, it should be added to the networking-calico chart in controllers/networking-calico/charts/internal/calico/values.yaml and corresponding code parts should be adapted (for example in controllers/networking-calico/pkg/charts/utils.go). Once the network resource is applied, the networking-calico controller would then create all the necessary managed-resources which should be picked up by the gardener-resource-manager which will then apply all the network extensions resources to the shoot cluster.

gardener-extension-provider-aws - Gardener extension controller for the AWS cloud provider (https://aws

  •    Go

Project Gardener implements the automated management and operation of Kubernetes clusters as a service. Its main principle is to leverage Kubernetes concepts for all of its tasks. Recently, most of the vendor specific logic has been developed in-tree. However, the project has grown to a size where it is very hard to extend, maintain, and test. With GEP-1 we have proposed how the architecture can be changed in a way to support external controllers that contain their very own vendor specifics. This way, we can keep Gardener core clean and independent.

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