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docker-gc - Docker garbage collection of containers and images

A simple Docker container and image garbage collection script.Although docker normally prevents removal of images that are in use by containers, we take extra care to not remove any image tags (e.g., ubuntu:14.04, busybox, etc) that are in use by containers. A naive docker rmi $(docker images -q) will leave images stripped of all tags, forcing docker to re-pull the repositories when starting new containers even though the images themselves are still on disk.

NBench - Performance benchmarking and testing framework for .NET applications

Cross-platform performance benchmarking and testing framework for .NET applications. NBench is designed for .NET developers who need to care about performance and want the ability to "unit test" their application's performance just like XUnit or NUnit tests their application code.

kamon-system-metrics - Kamon System Metics

Our kamon-system-metrics module registers a number of entities with the metrics module that track the performance indicators of both the host machine and the JVM where your application is running.This module doesn't have any bytecode instrumentation requirement, and its only requirement to work properly is that the appropriate Sigar native library is correctly loaded. To do so, the kamon-system-metrics module makes use of the sigar-loader library. If your application uses Sigar for other purposes, it is advisable that you take a look at sigar-loader to simplify the sigar native library provisioning process.

llvm-statepoint-utils - Runtime support for LLVM's GC Statepoints

The utilities herein are designed to do just that: it can generate an efficient hash table at runtime that can be used by a garbage collector to walk the stack and find all pointers. Generating the table at runtime works around issues with position independent code, since the table is keyed on absolute return addresses. The code is pure, unadulterated C99* with no dependencies and a permissive license. Note that this library was designed to work for programs whose stack map information was generated solely by gc.statepoint intrinsics, as these intrinsics generate specially formatted stack map records. If you're mixing patchpoint or regular stackmap intrinsics in the same code, you might need to modify the library in addition to marking call sites to differentiate them from statepoints.

ugc - A single-header garbage collector library

μgc is a single-header garbage collector library. It is designed to be embedded in a programming language's runtime. Put ugc.h into your project.

toolbag - preloaded Node.js tooling enhancements

toolbag exposes two interfaces. The first is the reporting interface, which is used to send runtime data to zero or more destinations. Analytics, logging, and similar types of systems represent the intended use cases of the reporting interface. The second interface is the command interface. This interface allows a Node process to define commands which can be remotely invoked by a command server. This interface is intended to take heapdumps, collect CPU profiles, send signals to a running process, etc.

SuperString - A fast and memory-optimized string library for C++

SuperString is an efficient string library for C++, that achieves a remarkable memory and CPU optimization. SuperString uses Rope (data structure) and optimization techniques.

WeakMap - Shim for WeakMap with non-leaky O(1) lookup time

This is a standalone shim for WeakMap, separated out from the full Harmony Collections shim at https://github.com/Benvie/harmony-collections. WeakMap is by far the most useful new addition. If you only need to use objects as keys then uou can use this much more compact library that doesn't have to implement three other classes. Works with IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, untested in Opera.

scope-chains-closures - Javascript Scope Chains And Closures Workshop

Select the first lesson using arrow keys, then press , and follow the prompts. This workshop was originally created for CampJS V - a weekend long unconference in Melbourne, Australia.

trsh - Project about minimizing costs in garbage collection in Montevideo, Uruguay, using Evolutionary Algorithms

This project is about minimizing costs in garbage collection in Montevideo (city and state), Uruguay, using Evolutionary Algorithms techniques. This was presented as a project in 2014 in the course Algoritmos Evolutivos (Evolutionary Algorithms) of the Facultad de Ingeniería (Faculty of Engineering), Universidad de la República (University of the Republic). Is based in real and open data (as of 2014), but also makes some assumptions. Read this file for information. For more information take a look at the final report or see the initial proposal, which are both in Spanish. The authors are Santiago Castro and Matías Mansilla, and the supervisor is Sergio Nesmachnow. The code is written in C++ and uses Malva framework.

node-prometheus-gc-stats - Report Garbage Collection stats using Prometheus

This module has a peer dependency on prom-client. Currently, 10 is supported. This module follows the same API as the core default metrics. To start collection GC stats, invoke the exported function to create the metrics, then invoke the returned function to start the collecting.