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memoizee - Complete memoize/cache solution for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Originally derived from es5-ext package. memoize name was already taken, therefore project is published as memoizee on NPM.

trashnet - Dataset of images of trash; Torch-based CNN for garbage image classification

  •    Lua

Code (only for the convolutional neural network) and dataset for mine and Mindy Yang's final project for Stanford's CS 229: Machine Learning class. Our paper can be found here. The convolutional neural network results on the poster are dated since we continued working after the end of the quarter and were able to achieve around 75% test accuracy (with 70/13/17 train/val/test split) after changing the weight initialization to the Kaiming method. The pictures were taken by placing the object on a white posterboard and using sunlight and/or room lighting. The pictures have been resized down to 512 x 384, which can be changed in data/constants.py (resizing them involves going through step 1 in usage). The devices used were Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Apple iPhone 5S, and Apple iPhone SE.

C# .NET Generic Matrix Maths Library

  •    CSharp

Public domain .NET matrix maths library, including a generic matrix base class (supporting matricies with elements of any object type) and a DoubleMatrix class supporting a range of mathematical operations using Double elements.

Dambach Linear Algebra Framework


The Dambach Linear Algebra Framework is a general purpose Linear Algebra framework for .Net. The main goal is to enable ordinary programmers (who do not have a math degree) to make use of linear algebra methods in solving everyday problems.

Sharp3D.Math Math Library


Sharp3D.Math contains fundemental classes to dealing with numerics on the .NET platform. It contains various mathematical structures such as vectors, matrices, complex numbers and contains methods for numerical integration, random numbers generation and other object-oriented n...

Xen (XNA Extended) Framework

  •    CSharp

The Xen Framework is a set of libraries that provides and extends XNA 4.0 functionality to make game development easier and faster while producing clean, maintainable code. Xen frees you up to spend more time building your game.

node-garbage - Generate random garbage json data

  •    Javascript

Generate random garbage json data.Generate a random type of object with at most count nested types.

eachdir - Run one or more commands in one or more dirs.

  •    Shell

Run one or more commands in one or more dirs.

memoize-bind - Memoized function binding for React

  •    Javascript

memoize-bind performs the same job as Function.prototype.bind(), however it memoizes the result for future reference. This ensures that calling memoize-bind repeatedly with the same arguments will always return the same bound function, which can be particularly useful within React.js render methods (see below).

memoize-weak - Garbage-collected memoizer for variadic functions

  •    Javascript

Memoize functions cache the return value of a function, so that it can be used again without having to recalculate the value. They do this by maintaining a cache of arguments that the function has previously been called with, in order to return results that correspond to an earlier set of arguments.

qqq-lang - The ??? Programming Language

  •    C++

This is the ??? programming language. Have you ever been writing a play, essay, or other work of literature and thought to yourself, "Man, wouldn't it be great if I could embed a program in this using punctuation?" Well now you can. ??? is a trivial Brainfuck substitution, meaning that a trivial replacement of operators will result in an equivalent BF program. Unsurprisingly, this means that ??? works the same way as BF: It operates on an array of memory cells (also called the tape), each initially set to 0, and has a pointer initially pointing to the first memory cell. It also means that it's a Turing complete language.