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cocalc - CoCalc: Collaborative Calculation in the Cloud

  •    CoffeeScript

CoCalc offers collaborative calculation in the cloud. This includes working with the full (scientific) Python stack, SageMath, Julia, R, Octave, and more. It also offers capabilities to author documents in LaTeX, R/knitr or Markdown, storing and organizing files, a web-based Linux Terminal, communication tools like a chat, course management and more. You can easily use CoCalc on your own computer for free by running a Docker image.

bip32-utils - A small set of utilities for use with BIP32 HD key nodes

  •    Javascript

A set of utilities for working with BIP32. Compatible with bitcoinjs-lib ^2.0.0 and ^3.0.0.

Digraphs - The GAP package Digraphs

  •    GAP

This will create a subdirectory digraphs-x.x.x. For questions, remarks, suggestions, and issues please use the issue tracker.

francy - An Interactive Discrete Mathematics Framework for GAP

  •    Jupyter

Francy is a package for GAP and provides a framework for Interactive Discrete Mathematics. Unlike XGAP, Francy is not linked with any GUI framework and instead, this package is responsible for the generation of a semantic model that can be used to produce a graphical representation using any other framework / language.