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unswitch - 🕹 A tiny event handler for Switch controllers!

  •    Javascript

Please note that it's not required to pass all button-functions to Unswitch and will only be executed when you provide them. You are able to use the buttons function to catch all button presses and implement your own logic using the provided data. The buttons function will always be executed when provided, even when the button is also passed as property. It's possible to connect up to two controllers at the same time. To make this work side is to be passed with either L (left) or R (right) for the controllers respectively. Calling unswitch.update() will check every button for a change in state. If a callback is provided the new state is passed along. The axis works in the same way, but instead of a boolean it will return a number from 0 to 8. Number 0 to 7 are for the joystick positions going clockwise, number 8 is used as default (center).

GameShop -Nano Edition-

  •    CSharp

An Amazing unification project, designed to blend all the known modern needs for high speed, very pretty AAA game projects into a single core language. It is more advanced than any other language on the Earth. It can within a single code file, blend native C#, Joint(Custom ...

galaxy.js-mobile-gamepad - a JS library for controlling an HTML5 game using WebRTC data channels

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript library for controlling an HTML5 game using WebRTC (falling back to WebSockets).Used in conjunction with galaxy.js.

cylon-joystick - Cylon adaptor and driver for HID joysticks/controllers

  •    Javascript

Cylon.js (http://cylonjs.com) is a JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).This repository contains the adaptor/driver for communicating with joysticks and game controllers. It can be used with any [SDL][http://www.libsdl.org/]-compatible controller.

starfox - HTML 5 Gamepad input magically beamed to your node application via a web socket

  •    Javascript

HTML 5 Gamepad controller input (works on latest Chrome), magically beamed to your node.js application over a web socket. Install from npm with npm install --save starfox. Can require both on the server, and for client-side code if you're using browserify.

node-gamepad - node.js bindings for Alex Diener's cross-platform gamepad code

  •    C

The library is tiny and included inside this addon so you don't need any special libraries installed on your system like SDL.There are 5 event types attach, remove, down, up, and move. All pass the session id of the gamepad as the first argument.


  •    Javascript

If a controller is not listed below, it uses the mapping for the Xbox 360 gamepad on Chrome, which may or may not work. Additional mappings can be added to mappings/index.js. Returns the current position of axis for gamepad. Axes have a range between -1.0 and 1.0.

ViGEm - Virtual Gamepad Emulation Framework

  •    C++

This repository contains projects related to USB device emulation and HID device manipulation on the Windows platform. Get binaries here.

webflight-gamepad - A plugin for ardrone-webflight that lets you control a drone with a gamepad in the browser

  •    Javascript

This is a plugin for the browser-based AR.Drone ground control station webflight that lets you fly your drone with a joystick or gamepad. The plugin uses the still-pretty-alpha Gamepad API for web browsers. Current Firefox & Chromium/Chrome are supported. You may test with a connected gamepad on this site.

InputSystem - An efficient and versatile input system for Unity.

  •    CSharp

A new input system. NOTE: This system is still under active development and not yet stable. To run the project, you will need a beta of Unity 2018.2.

decoupled-input - Input handling for HTML5 games done right.

  •    Javascript

decoupled-input is a flexible and lightweight input controller for games that allows to separate input listeners for different devices from the actual input computing logic. This allows to change input bindings and devices without having to change the program logic; e.g. if the "fire" action was bound to the space key and it should later be bound to a mouse button, the change is only being made in the bindings configuration, and the game logic remains entirely unaffected.

gamepad.js - Simple HTML5 Gamepad API handler

  •    Javascript

analog: (boolean: default true) Set to false to get fixed value: ex for a stick 0/1/-1. Used to reduce the number of change event triggered if you dont need analog values. precision: (int: default 0 (no rounding)) When in analog mode, set the number of number you want after decimal. Used to reduce the muber of event triggered but keep analog values.

aframe-gamepad-controls - :video_game: Gamepad controls for A-Frame VR.

  •    Javascript

Gamepad controls for A-Frame. Supports one or more gamepads, attached to an A-Frame scene. When used on a mobile device, gamepad-controls can also receive input from a gamepad connected to a host machine, using ProxyControls.js.

proxy-controls-server - Send keyboard/gamepad controls between devices, peer-to-peer, over WebRTC.

  •    Javascript

Service to proxy keyboard/gamepad controls between devices, peer-to-peer, over WebRTC. See: https://proxy-controls.donmccurdy.com.

switch-pro-x - A userland driver for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller in wired mode

  •    C++

WARNING: This is currently a work in progress. Don't expect a simple package for installing/running anytime soon.

Pixelkit - USB-интерфейс для старых консольных геймпадов

  •    C

Пикселькит — это компактная плата, которая позволяет превратить геймпад от вашей старой приставки в HID-совместимое устройство, подключающееся к компьютеру через USB. Кроме самой платы, мы готовы представить вам модифицированную версию программы-медиацентра XBMC, которая может быть использована в качестве многофункционального фронтенда для запуска эмуляторов старых игровых приставок. При этом приветствуется установка XBMC на флешку, которая помещается в корпус того же геймпада в котором установлен Пикселькит.

ControlBlockService2 - This is the driver for the ControlBlock re

  •    Shell

This is the driver for the petrockblock.com ControlBlock, which is an extension board for the Raspberry Pi (TM). The driver itself is denoted as controlblock in the following. The driver provides a service for interacting with the power button signals as well as for mapping attached game controllers to corresponding game pad devices on the Raspberry Pi. Please note that this is the driver for revision 2.X of the ControlBlock. If you have a revision 1.X board, you need to use the driver for that revision series.

boipushy - Input module for LÖVE

  •    Lua

You can create multiple input objects even though you can get by most of the time with just a single global one. If your game supports multiple players locally then it's probably a good idea to create a different input object for each player, although it's not necessary as long as bindings between players don't collide. The example above binds the '1' key to the 'print' action. This means that in our code we can check for the 'print' action being pressed with input:pressed('print'), for instance, and that function would return true on the frame that we pressed the '1' key on the keyboard. This layer of indirection between keyboard and action allows our gameplay focus to only speak in terms of actions, which means that it doesn't have to care about which method of input is being used or if the key bindings were changed to something else.