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awesome-gamedev - A collection of free software and free culture resources for making amazing games


A curated list of good stuff related to the development of games. This list contains only free software for code, sellers who aren't evil for physical resources, and free cultural works for assets. I have also provided a list of resources which are not free, and the reasons why, in the associated Wall of Shame file.

entt - Gaming meets modern C++ - a fast and reliable entity-component system (ECS) and much more

  •    C++

Consider it a work in progress. The whole API is also fully documented in-code for those who are brave enough to read it. Currently, EnTT is tested on Linux, Microsoft Windows and OS X. It has proven to work also on both Android and iOS. Most likely it will not be problematic on other systems as well, but has not been sufficiently tested so far.


  •    C++

A game engine in development using DirectX 11 renderer.

Mr.Dev: A Day at the Office


XNA platform game. Inspired by Monty's Revenge and Battle Kid. This project will serve as an example of how to code a platform game in C# using the XNA framework. Features include: Gamestory, Bosses, Enemies, Simple 2D Physics, Multiple screens and the list goes on...

docs-introgameshaskell - (MOVED) Slides, pointers and code for a talk given at UPM in 2015


First of all, thank you all for attending the talk. Look inside code/ to see a copy of what was stored in this repo.

haskell-game-programming - A central repository of Haskell Game Programming resources, put together by Keera Studios

  •    Haskell

Welcome to the Haskell Game Programming corner, our central place for Haskell Game Programming resources. This repository contains documents about game programming in Haskell, pointers to books, code, existing projects, companies, etc.

Awesome-Game-Networking - Curated list of resources about game networking


Curated list of resources about gameplay network programming techniques and achitectures. Game networking is a subset of network engineering that covers multiplayer online game networking. Entity interpolation, input prediction, lag compensation and client-server model topics are main pillars of gameplay network development. This list contains handfully picked resources ranging between high-level network architectures and low-level data replication optimizations.

ecs-lib - Tiny and easy to use ECS (Entity Component System) library for game programming

  •    TypeScript

ecs-lib is a tiny and easy to use ECS (Entity Component System) library for game programming. It's written in Typescript but you can use on node.js an web browser too. Entity-Component-System (ECS) is a distributed and compositional architectural design pattern that is mostly used in game development. It enables flexible decoupling of domain-specific behaviour, which overcomes many of the drawbacks of traditional object-oriented inheritance.

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