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stage.js - 2D HTML5 rendering engine for game development

  •    Javascript

Stage.js is a 2D HTML5 JavaScript library for cross-platform game development, it is lightweight, fast and open-source. Canvas is the graphic component of HTML5 game development, but it only has a drawing API and there is no data model like DOM to compose your application. You need to manually draw your application and manage rendering cycles to play it. Moreover, mouse events are only available at entire Canvas level and they also need to be processed manually.

GDevelop - HTML5 and native game creator requiring no coding skills

  •    C++

GDevelop is a full featured, open source game development software, allowing to create HTML5 and native games without any knowledge in a specific programming language. All the game logic is made thanks to an intuitive and powerful event based system.

ebiten - A simple 2D game library in Go

  •    Go

Note: Gamepad is not available on Safari/Android/iOS. Keyboard is not available on Android/iOS.Ebiten is licensed under Apache license version 2.0. See LICENSE file.

gideros - Gideros Release version

  •    C

Gideros is a cross-platform mobile development environment for creating amazing games. In a couple of hours, you’ll find yourself building and running your next great game. Developers trust Gideros in building 1000s of games across AppStore, Google Play, Amazon Store, Ouya and more. Lua is used to build games with Gideros. Below you can find a few simple examples to show how easy to show basic screen elemens.

BWO - An infinity procedural online game using Flutter with NodeJS and flames

  •    Dart

An infinity procedural online game using Flutter and flames with NodeJS and Firebase for the back-end. The world isn't stored in anywhere, it uses some conecpts and rules (Perlin Noise and Simplex Noise) to generate it equaly in all devices only the changes made by player are actually stored on the server side.

planet-wars - Space game powered by Ruby/Gosu

  •    Ruby

Or, if you have Windows, you can download latest release of the game from here. After selecting your choice of difficultly, your ship is placed in the middle of hostile point in space where enemies constantly spawn.

Pong - Pong clone written with SpriteKit for OS X

  •    Objective-C

This game is free software; it is distributed under the MIT License.

scala-game-library - Cross-platform game engine for Scala - in development

  •    Scala

Scala Game Library (tentatively abbreviated as SGL) is a library for developing cross-platform 2D video games in Scala. It provides a high-level API for building 2D games, and can deploy to Desktop, Android, and HTML5. Other platforms, including iOS and consoles are on the roadmap. SGL is still in development, but is intended to provide an extensive toolkit to build games, with a core abstraction on top of platform-specific features, as well as offering an out-of-the-box implementation for many common features needed in games, such as physics, collision detection, tilemaps, and scenes management.

DeadAscend - A 2D point'n'click-like adventure game written in Qt/QML and Javascript

  •    QML

A hand-drawn, open source, point'n'click-like 2D adventure game written in Qt/QML and Javascript. Black Grain Games are providing pre-build, ad-based, mobile and tablet versions.

frag - A cross-platform 2D|3D game framework for the Nim programming language

  •    Nim

FRAG is a game creation framework being developed using the Nim programming language, and is currently in pre-alpha status. The immediate development focus for FRAG is supporting the creation of 2D mobile and desktop games. Console support is planned for post-alpha releases of FRAG. Support for 3D is planned for post-alpha releases of FRAG.

SonicTimeTwisted - Source Code for a Sonic Fan Game Made in Game Maker Studio

  •    Game

Note: The soundtrack, "Dueling Ages" by Hinchy et al. is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/.

lightsout - 🎲 Lights Out Game (Online)

  •    CSS

Changes and improvements are more than welcome! Feel free to fork and open a pull request. Please make your changes in a specific branch and request to pull into master! If you can, please make sure the game fully works before sending the PR, as that will help speed up the process. If you do like our game and we hope that you do, can you please support us? Our game is not and is never going to be working for profit. We need the money just so we can continue doing what we do ;-) .

c4 - Connect Four game in Javascript using HTML5 features

  •    TypeScript

c4, stands for Connect Four, is a browser game written in TypeScript and utilizes HTML's canvas. Player is playing against an AI that uses Minimax algorithm and alpha-beta pruning. The evaluation function is hard-coded, and hence the AI may not be moving using the most optimal move. Connect four of your game pieces vertically, horizontally, or diagonally before the other player do so.

playthos - 2D Game Engine written in Go.

  •    Go

Playthos is still under development. The current version is still alpha and will only go out of alpha once it can build the same game (using all of its features) on all three major platforms (Windows, Linux, and OS X) and development dependencies are automatically resolved when someone tries to use the engine. The ultimate goal for Playthos is to become a game editor. The game engine is the first step to get there but it can only get there only once the source code and its continues development has become stable.

Catch-It - The traditional Egg Catching game clone with a much better user experience. :video_game:

  •    Python

This is the traditional egg catching game made in Python. The user can make the basket move both sides using the arrow keys to collect as many eggs as he/she can which is the scoring factor but, he should avoid minions and bombs. There is also a provision to check out the highest score which is implemented using the files system. Made for the Windows platform.

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