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ysoserial - A proof-of-concept tool for generating payloads that exploit unsafe Java object deserialization

  •    Java

A proof-of-concept tool for generating payloads that exploit unsafe Java object deserialization. Originally released as part of AppSecCali 2015 Talk "Marshalling Pickles: how deserializing objects will ruin your day" with gadget chains for Apache Commons Collections (3.x and 4.x), Spring Beans/Core (4.x), and Groovy (2.3.x). Later updated to include additional gadget chains for JRE <= 1.7u21 and several other libraries.

Windows Live Calendar Gadget


Windows Live Calendar Gadget is a simple desktop calendar for Windows. It displays the events from internet calendars provided in iCalendar format.

node-Tor - Javascript implementation of the Tor (or Tor like) anonymizer project (The Onion Router)

  •    Javascript

For a quick look, see the demo video on Peersm, download and stream anonymously inside your browser, serverless anonynous P2P network compatible with torrents. Check out torrent-live for a more general presentation and to get the dynamic blocklist.

RecordLogon.vbs login script

  •    VBScript

RecordLogon.vbs is a script applied at logon via Group or Local policy. It records specific user and computer information and writes the data to a central repository for retrieval. The tool comes in two parts; the .VBS and the HTA search app.

Lunar Phase Silverlight Gadget

  •    Silverlight

Meet the moon phase, percent of illumination and corresponding zodiac sign from your desktop.

Live Writer Picasa Plugin

  •    DotNet

Live Writer Picasa Plugin is a plugin for Windows Live Writer that allows you to embed photos from your Picasa Web Albums into your blog posts. Live Writer Picasa Plugin is written in C#.

Philosophy Gadget

  •    Javascript

This gadget helps people associate known works of philosophy with their known authors.

Podgad - Podcast Windows Vista Gadget Sidebar


(pt-BR) Gadget para barra lateral do Windows Vista para baixar e gerenciar Podcasts, inicialmente usando a Google API e acessando o agregador RSS Google Reader. O objetivo é automatizar o download para quem não usa um software gerenciador, tal como o iTunes, e tenha um tocador...



Windows Vista / Windows 7 Gadget to keep you in touch with what is going on with your Azure applications.

Gadget Creator


Gadget Creator - program for creating Windows Sidebar gadgets

Silverlight Gadgets

  •    Silverlight

The Silverlight Gadgets is a collection of Silverlight simple applications. It includes full source code, binaries and demos.

Chirpr - Windows Gadget for Twitter


Windows gadget to read/write tweets. Formerly known as "Twitter Gadget" on Windows Live Gallery.

Hyper-V Monitor Gadget


Hyper-V Monitor Gadget for Windows Sidebar that lists Hyper-V servers and their VM's. Supports status information and controlling them directly from the gadget.

Windows8 StartMenu


Make it easier to use the menu option to start at Windows 8 with this gadget! Change the Windows 8 start menu back to the Windows 7 version. With one click the gadget option to change the Start menu style Windows8 between 7 and windows.

iPing ... more than a "ping" !


Windows gadget for desktop. Keep Alive for IP address or urls. Up to 50 items. Graphical TTL with max,min and last times. Real time monitoring and graph.

CRM Watchman Gadget


This Windows gadget displays all open activities of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 users. Right now I'm looking for a graphic designer who can help to polish the GUI. Applications are welcome - just contact me!

Polipo Matico

  •    Javascript

PolipoMatico is a Windows 7 and Vista sidebar gadget that allows to retrieve and show italian traffic infos from octotelematics web site (www.octotelematics.it)

hubot-irkit - A Hubot script to control IRKit the hackable remote controller.

  •    CoffeeScript

A Hubot script to control IRKit the hackable remote controller.Enable webhook routing to trigger message.

ModernGadgets - Modernized recreations of the most popular AddGadgets

  •    Lua

ModernGadgets is a set of sleek, minimalist, information-dense gadgets that are designed to fit right into your modern desktop. It is inspired by the AddGadgets.com system monitoring gadgets and is heavily based on SilverAzide's Gadget Replicas. ModernGadgets is released on the Rainmeter platform under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. The source code is made available on GitHub under an MIT License.

regexplain - 🔍 An RStudio addin slash regex utility belt

  •    R

RegExplain is an RStudio addin slash utility belt for regular expressions. Interactively build your regexp, check the output of common string matching functions, consult the interactive help pages, or use the included resources to learn regular expressions. And more. Inspired by RegExr.com and stringr::str_view().