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counterpart - A translation and localization library for Node.js and the browser.

  •    Javascript

A translation and localization library for Node.js and the browser. The project is inspired by Ruby's famous I18n gem. This function expects a key and options as arguments and translates, pluralizes and interpolates a given key using a given locale, scope, and fallback, as well as interpolation values.

enyo-ilib - Enyo wrapper for ilib globalization/internationalization library.

  •    Javascript

Enyo and nodejs wrapper for ilib globalization/internationalization library. Both Enyo and nodejs wrappers define the $L function used to wrap localizable strings and perform translations.

node-polyglot - An internationalization library for node.js

  •    CoffeeScript

Polyglot is an internationalization library for express. It's template-agnostic, based on JSON files, dependency-free and less than 200 lines of code. Compatible with express 3+. Check the example app.

ecma402 - ECMA-402 JavaScript Internationalization API "shim"

  •    Javascript

This project provides an implementation of the ECMA-402 JavaScript Internationalization APIs standard for number formatting ( Intl.NumberFormat ) and date and time formatting ( Intl.DateTimeFormat ). Collation ( Intl.Collator ) is not currently supported. Current release is version 1.0, published 2015-07-08.

translatedjs - Internationalization and localization for JavaScript and Node.js

  •    Javascript

Internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) library. This library uses ECMAScript Internationalization API and industry standards ICU Message Format and Unicode CLDR locale data. It is build on top of intl-messageformat and intl-relativeformat packages from Yahoo Inc..

cldrjs - Simple CLDR traverser

  •    Javascript

CLDR (unicode.org) provides locale content for i18n software. The data is provided in two formats: LDML (XML format) and JSON. Our goal is to provide a simple layer to facilitate i18n software to access and use the official CLDR JSON data. See Usage and installation.

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