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fzf.vim - fzf :heart: vim

  •    Vim

Things you can do with fzf and Vim.fzf in itself is not a Vim plugin, and the official repository only provides the basic wrapper function for Vim and it's up to the users to write their own Vim commands with it. However, I've learned that many users of fzf are not familiar with Vimscript and are looking for the "default" implementation of the features they can find in the alternative Vim plugins.

fzf - A command-line fuzzy finder

  •    Go

fzf is a general-purpose command-line fuzzy finder.It's an interactive Unix filter for command-line that can be used with any list; files, command history, processes, hostnames, bookmarks, git commits, etc.

dots - Personal *nix configuration files

  •    Vim

Neovim is a free, cross-platform text editor based on Vim, and is arguably the best editor currently in existence. Although Neovim is admittedly better suited for writing code than prose (largely because of its awkward handling of soft-wrapped lines), I use it for pretty much everything. Emacs is a free, cross-platform text editor, mail client, news reader, organizer, and more. It is the second-best text editor currently in existence. It does not take the streamlined, minimalistic approach that (Neo)Vim does, but it can be made to emulate Vim. I use Emacs for the excellent Org mode. See my emacs.org file for more.

iterfzf - Pythonic interface to fzf, a CLI fuzzy finder

  •    Python

See also the API reference. Consumes the given iterable of strings, and displays them using fzf. If a user chooses something it immediately returns the chosen things.

dotfiles - A collection of dotfiles and scripts that I use between computers.

  •    Vim

A collection of dotfiles and scripts that I use between computers. See the TODO for things I have in mind.

dotfiles - mac OS, Arch Linux, and Debian/Ubuntu

  •    Vim

For mac, see full install details in mac/README.md. After symlinking, ~/.dotfiles/bootstrap/cleanup can detect and move pre-existing dotfiles that might conflict with these.

dotfiles - The curated tool configurations which gives me my super powers.

  •    Vim

My dotfiles tuned for zsh and OS X. Also install zsh and chsh your shell to it and use the Solarized color scheme (iTerm or Terminal).

PSFzf - A PowerShell wrapper around the fuzzy finder fzf

  •    PowerShell

PSFzf is a PowerShell module that wraps fzf, a fuzzy file finder for the command line. For day-to-day usage, see the helper functions included with this module.

jarvis - A powerful, minimalist development environment powered by NeoVim

  •    Vim

The following are features provided by Jarvis. They all have quick keybindings to make them quick and easy to use. Open files with simple keystrokes with fuzzy matching via command line and inside NeoVim.

go-finder - CLI finder wrapper (fzf, peco, etc) for golang

  •    Go

CLI finder wrapper (fzf, peco, etc) for golang

kubectl-fzf - A fast kubectl autocompletion with fzf

  •    Go

kubectl-fzf provides a fast and powerful fzf autocompletion for kubectl. It will watch the cluster in the current context. If you switch context, cache_builder will detect and start watching the new cluster. The initial resource listing can be long on big clusters and autocompletion might need 30s+.

forgit - :zzz: Fuzzy git

  •    Shell

forgit is a utility tool for git taking advantage of fuzzy finder fzf. Make sure you have fzf installed.

tmux-fzf-url - :rocket: Quickly open urls on screen from your browser!

  •    Shell

tmux-fzf-url is a tmux plugin for opening urls from browser quickly without mouse. Make sure you have fzf installed.

cmux - A set of commands for managing CDH clusters using Cloudera Manager REST API.

  •    Ruby

CMUX is a set of commands for managing CDH clusters using Cloudera Manager REST API. Some commands require SSH connection to the managed servers.

notational-fzf-vim - Notational velocity for vim.

  •    Vim

Loosen the mental blockages to recording information. Scrape away the tartar of convention that handicaps its retrieval. Read CHANGELOG.md.

fzf.kak - Kakoune plugin that brings integration with fzf


fzf.kak is a plugin for Kakoune editor, that brings integration with fzf tool. This plugin is being tested against Kakoune 2018.09.04. Then reload Kakoune config or restart Kakoune and run :plug-install.

dotfiles - ⚙ @anvilabs' dotfiles

  •    Shell

This repository holds our opinionated configuration files. You can also fork this repo and keep it updated in case you want to make customizations.

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