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go-fuzzywuzzy - Port of SeatGeek's fuzzywuzzy

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This is a port of SeatGeek's fuzzywuzzy, a fuzzy string matching library. Also included is a port of python-levenshtein, a wicked-fast implementation of Levenshtein edit distance.

suggest - Top-k Approximate String Matching.

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Library for Top-k Approximate String Matching, autocomplete and spell checking. Let's imagine you have a website, for instance, a pharmacy website. There could be a lot of dictionaries, such as a list of medical drugs, a list of cities (countries), where you can deliver your goods and so on. Some of these dictionaries could be pretty large, and it might be a tedious for a customer to choose the correct option from the dictionary. Having the possibility of Top-k approximate string search in a dictionary is significant in these cases.