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Apache Mahout - Scalable machine learning library

  •    Java

Apache Mahout has implementations of a wide range of machine learning and data mining algorithms: clustering, classification, collaborative filtering and frequent pattern mining.

fuzzysort - Fast SublimeText-like fuzzy search for JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

Fast SublimeText-like fuzzy search for JavaScript. Sublime's fuzzy search is... sublime. I wish everything used it. So here's an open source js version.

TNTSearch - A fully featured full text search engine written in PHP

  •    PHP

TNTSearch is a full-text search (FTS) engine written entirely in PHP. A simple configuration allows you to add an amazing search experience in just minutes. Its features include Fuzzy search, Geo-search, Text classification, Stemming, Bm25 ranking algorithm, Result highlighting, Boolean search and lot more.

LeaderF - An asynchronous fuzzy finder which is used to quickly locate files, buffers, mrus, tags, etc

  •    Python

This plugin is mainly used for locating files, buffers, mrus, tags in large project. To install this plugin just put the plugin files in your ~/.vim (Linux) or ~/vimfiles (Windows). For Vundle user, just add Plugin 'Yggdroot/LeaderF' to your .vimrc.

jump - Jump helps you navigate faster by learning your habits. ✌️

  •    Go

Jump integrates with the shell and learns about your navigational habits by keeping track of the directories you visit. It strives to give you the best directory for the shortest search term. Once integrated, jump will automatically directory changes and start building an internal database.

The Pacman

  •    CSharp

A simple single player game similar to Pacman. Developed using XNA game framework and C#. Game demonstrates usage of fuzzy logic for controlling the AI ghosts. This game is developed to test the effect of fuzzy logic AI in Pacman game.

Fuzzy Hashing

  •    CSharp

Library for calculating context triggered piecewise hashes (CTPH) also called fuzzy hashes.

fuzzaldrin - Fuzzy filtering and string scoring

  •    CoffeeScript

Fuzzy filtering and string scoring.This library is used by Atom and so its focus will be on scoring and filtering paths, methods, and other things common when writing code. It therefore will specialize in handling common patterns in these types of strings such as characters like /, -, and _, and also handling of camel cased text.

fuzzer - a mutating fuzzer for testing

  •    Javascript

A fuzzer for testing. This implements mutation fuzzing, in which an expect input is mutated (changed) many times in order to trigger unexpected behavior or crashes.Generate a mutated version of an object. This does not modify the object directly, but returns a modified copy. This mutation will increment and decrement numbers, randomize arrays, remove properties, and more.

fuzzy - Go package that provides fuzzy string matching optimized for filenames and code symbols in the style of Sublime Text, VSCode, IntelliJ IDEA et al

  •    Go

Go package that provides fuzzy string matching optimized for filenames and code symbols in the style of Sublime Text, VSCode, IntelliJ IDEA et al. This library is external dependency-free. It only depends on the Go standard library.Here is a demo of matching various patterns against ~16K files from the Unreal Engine 4 codebase.

suggestible-input - A React component that quacks like an HTML <input> but which includes a selectable list of suggestions for filling in its value

  •    Javascript

A React component that quacks like an HTML <input> but which includes a selectable list of suggestions for filling in its value. As you type text into the input field, a list of suggestions will be displayed in a selectable overlay just below. The suggestions are an array of strings given to the component as a prop and are compared to the ever-changing query string that you are typing. The "closer" a suggestion is to what you have typed, the higher in the list it will appear.

tenuki - Tenuki is a web-based go board and JavaScript library

  •    Javascript

Tenuki is a web-based board and JavaScript library for the game of go/baduk/weiqi. The JavaScript engine is not dependent on the renderer and works stand-alone. You can use it by itself as part of a larger JavaScript application.

fuzzy.js - approximate (fuzzy) string matching in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Fuzzy.js is a library for approximate (fuzzy) string matching. Fuzzy.js is aimed at providing an experience which you may know from editors such as Sublime Text, Atom, TextMate and others. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

ssdeep - SSDEEP hash lib in Golang

  •    Go

Golang implementation based on the paper and implementation by Jesse Kornblum. See the example in the app directory for the usage.

tlsh - TLSH lib in Golang

  •    Go

TLSH is a fuzzy matching library. Given a byte stream with a minimum length of 256 bytes, TLSH generates a hash value which can be used for similarity comparisons. Similar objects will have similar hash values which allows for the detection of similar objects by comparing their hash values. Note that the byte stream should have a sufficient amount of complexity. For example, a byte stream of identical bytes will not generate a hash value. The computed hash is 35 bytes long (output as 70 hexidecimal charactes). The first 3 bytes are used to capture the information about the file as a whole (length, ...), while the last 32 bytes are used to capture information about incremental parts of the file.