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swift-overture - 🎼 A library for function composition.

  •    Swift

A library for function composition. If we wanted to modify this simple closure to square our value after incrementing it, things begin to get messy.

babel-plugin-function-composition - Babel plugin to compose functions with piping using the & operator

  •    Javascript

This plugin is made to work with point-free (tacit) functional programming by composing functions over piping. It is inspired by the work of babel-plugin-pipe-operator-curry, but with a very different purpose, with focus on omitting arguments. I've overloaded the operator & for that. You can built more complex functions from simple ones. If you want to use the original bitwise and operator, you can disable this plugin in current scope (and it children scopes) using 'no composition' directive.

elementx - :zap: Functionally create DOM elements and compose them to a tree quickly

  •    Javascript

​⚡️​ Create complex DOM elements/trees using a functional approach. This module provides an alternative to JSX or template strings for those who want to build up their DOM trees using plain function composition.

strit - Package strit introduces a new type of string iterator, along with a number of iterator constructors, wrappers and combinators

  •    Go

Package strit (STRing ITerator) assists in development of string processing pipelines by providing a simple iteration model that allows for easy composition of processing stages. The project is in a beta state. Tested on Linux Mint 18 (based on Ubuntu 16.04). Go version 1.8. Should also work on other platforms supported by Go runtime, but currently this is not tested.

faas-flow - Function Composition for Openfaas

  •    Go

faas-flow allows you to realize OpenFaaS function composition with ease. By defining a simple pipeline, you can orchestrate multiple functions without having to worry about internals.

lifted-pipeline-strawman - Proposal for lifted pipelines


Before I continue, if you came here wondering what the heck this is, or what the point of it is, I invite you to read this blog post about composition and this one on monads, and I encourage you to google both concepts. Long story short, yes, it's a thing, and yes, it's pretty useful for a variety of reasons. Also, note that this is meant to work as a complementary extension of the existing pipeline operator proposal. I use the F# variant here for simplicity, but there are still multiple competing syntaxes.

gestalt - Tidy Tools for Making and Combining Functions

  •    R

More importantly, gestalt fosters a powerful way of thinking about values as functions. The following example (adapted from purrr) illustrates the use of %>>>% to express a function that takes the name of a factor-column of the mtcars data frame, fits a linear model to the corresponding groups, then computes the R² of the summary.

lispe - An implementation of a full fledged Lisp interpreter with Data Structure, Pattern Programming and High level Functions with Lazy Evaluation à la Haskell

  •    C

Welcome to Lisp Elémentaire, a version of Lisp that is ultra-minimal but contains all the basic instructions of the language. The code also comes with a small internal editor from another NAVER's project: TAMGU. I based a large part of this work on the following article: The Root of Lisp.

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