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Kakapo - 🐤Dynamically Mock server behaviors and responses in Swift

  •    Swift

Dynamically Mock server behaviors and responses. Kakapo is a dynamic mocking library. It allows you to replicate your backend APIs and logic. With Kakapo you can easily prototype your application based on your API specifications.

rename-fn - Rename a function

  •    Javascript

JavaScript engines are very good at inferring function names. You probably don't need this unless you want a different name.Function to rename.

fn-name - Get the name of a named function

  •    Javascript

There is a name property on functions, but it's not supported in all browsers. This module tries that property then falls back to extracting the name from the function source.

onetime - Ensure a function is only called once

  •    Javascript

When called multiple times it will return the return value from the first call.Unlike the module once, this one isn't naughty extending Function.prototype.

mimic-fn - Make a function mimic another one

  •    Javascript

Useful when you wrap a function in another function and like to preserve the original name and other properties.It will copy over the properties name, length, displayName, and any custom properties you may have set.

is-fn - Check if a value is a function

  •    Javascript

In Node.js, just use typeof fn which works exactly the same. This module can be useful in the browser where typeof fn has a myriad of bugs.

debounce-fn - Debounce a function

  •    Javascript

Returns a debounced function that delays calling the input function until after wait milliseconds have elapsed since the last time the debounced function was called.It comes with a .cancel() method to cancel any scheduled input function calls.

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