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search_cop - Search engine like fulltext query support for ActiveRecord

  •    Ruby

Thus, you can hand out a search query string to your models and you, your app's admins and/or users will get powerful query features without the need for integrating additional third party search servers, since SearchCop can use fulltext index capabilities of your RDBMS in a database agnostic way (currently MySQL and PostgreSQL fulltext indices are supported) and optimizes the queries to make optimal use of them. Read more below.

search_flip - Full-Featured ElasticSearch Ruby Client with a Chainable DSL

  •    Ruby

Using SearchFlip it is dead-simple to create index classes that correspond to ElasticSearch indices and to manipulate, query and aggregate these indices using a chainable, concise, yet powerful DSL. Finally, SearchFlip supports ElasticSearch 1.x, 2.x, 5.x, 6.x. Check section Feature Support for version dependent features. There are great ruby gems to work with Elasticsearch like e.g. searchkick and elasticsearch-ruby already. However, they don't have a chainable API. Compare yourself.