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tntsearch - A fully featured full text search engine written in PHP

  •    PHP

We created also some demo pages that show tolerant retrieval with n-grams in action. The package has bunch of helper functions like jaro-winkler and cosine similarity for distance calculations. It supports stemming for English, Croatian, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Ukrainian. If the built in stemmers aren't enough, the engine lets you easily plugin any compatible snowball stemmer. Some forks of the package even support Chinese. Unlike many other engines, the index can be easily updated without doing a reindex or using deltas.

Ferret - The extensible information retrieval library for ruby.

  •    Ruby

Ferret is an information retrieval library in the same vein as Apache Lucene. Originally it was a full port of Lucene but it now uses it's own file format and indexing algorithm although it is still very similar in many ways to Lucene. Everything you can do in Lucene you should be able to do in Ferret.

ndx - Javascript (TypeScript) full text indexing and searching library

  •    TypeScript

ndx is a lightweight javascript (TypeScript) full-text indexing and searching library. Reddit Comments Search Engine - is a simple demo application that indexes 10,000 reddit comments. Demo application requires modern browser features: WebWorkers and IndexedDB. Comments are stored in the IndexedDB, and search engine is working in a WebWorker.

elman - Full text searching Linux man pages with Elasticsearch :penguin:

  •    Ruby

A script for full text searching Linux man pages with Elasticsearch. It has been developed to play around with the idea described in this post.

raftman - A syslog server with integrated full text search via a JSON API and Web UI

  •    Go

A syslog server with integrated full text search via a JSON API and Web UI. This will start raftman with all default options. It listen on port 514 (UDP) and 5514 (TCP) on the host for incomming RFC5424 syslog packets and store them into an SQLite database stored in /tmp/logs.db on the host. It also exposes the JSON API on http://localhost:8181/api/ and the Web UI on http://localhost:8282/.

cang-jie - Chinese tokenizer for tantivy, based on jieba-rs

  •    Rust

A Chinese tokenizer for tantivy, based on jieba-rs. As of now, only support UTF-8.

flask-ponywhoosh - The missing search engine for your flask app

  •    Python

It's the easiest way to add a search engine in your flask application on the shoulders of Pony ORM and Whoosh. To prove this, we've included some templates to render the search engine. Just checkout the example. <localhost> is often