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generator-angular-fullstack - Yeoman generator for AngularJS with an Express server

  •    Javascript

Yeoman generator for creating MEAN/SEAN stack applications, using ES6, MongoDB/SQL, Express, AngularJS, and Node - lets you quickly set up a project following best practices.Please note: If you run into trouble compiling native add-ons during the installation, follow node-gyp's short guide on required compilation tools.

Lightmod - An all-in-one tool for full stack Clojure

  •    Clojure

Lightmod is an all-in-one tool for full stack Clojure. Do boot run for development and boot build to make a jar file. To build, JDK 8 or above is required. On Linux, you'll also need to install the openjfx package.All files that originate from this project are dedicated to the public domain. I would love pull requests, and will assume that they are also dedicated to the public domain.

CleverStyle-Framework - CleverStyle Framework is simple, scalable, fast and secure full-stack PHP framework

  •    PHP

CleverStyle Framework is simple, scalable, fast and secure full-stack PHP framework. Installation instructions, documentation, video tutorials for developers, help with translations on Transifex.

realworld-fulcro - A full stack implementation of RealWorld spec https://github

  •    Clojure

A Clojure implementation of RealWorld app using full-stack Fulcro. Backend uses Duct framework, Buddy, Walkable SQL library, JDBC and Postgresql. Walkable readme for documentation.

learn-react - :boom: Learn React

  •    HTML

Learn React.js for high performance JavaScript applications. React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

learn-riot - :racehorse: Riot

  •    HTML

We need a way of organising the pieces of our web applications into discrete components that can be developed/tested independently and composed into a fast User Interface/Experience. Web Components are going to revolutionize the web. Eventually. Sadly, there is not yet widespread adoption for the Web Component spec.

tabula-rasa - Minimalistic real-worldish blogging platform, written entirely in F#, made as a learning reference for building large Elmish apps

  •    F#

Thanks to Fable.Remoting, this application does not need to handle data serialization/deserialization and routing between client and server, it is all done for us which means that the code is 99% domain models and domain logic.


  •    Shell

MISP dockerized is a project designed to provide an easy-to-use and easy-to-install 'out of the box' MISP instance that includes everything you need to run MISP with minimal host-side requirements. MISP dockerized uses MISP (Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform - https://github.com/MISP/MISP), which is maintend and developed by the MISP project team (https://www.misp-project.org/).

dev - The only truly universal productive development platform with Docker on macOS, Linux and Windows! http://blog

  •    Ruby

teracy-dev is created to set up a universal development platform which has the same development workflow on Mac, Linux and Windows with good developer experience and productivity in mind. We leverage Docker workflow for our software development and we use vagrant, virtualbox, and chef to install and configure any necessary packages.