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updeep - Easily update nested frozen objects and arrays in a declarative and immutable manner.

  •    Javascript

Easily update nested frozen objects and arrays in a declarative and immutable manner. updeep makes updating deeply nested objects/arrays painless by allowing you to declare the updates you would like to make and it will take care of the rest. It will recursively return the same instance if no changes have been made, making it ideal for using reference equality checks to detect changes (like PureRenderMixin).

icepick - Utilities for treating frozen JavaScript objects as persistent immutable collections

  •    Javascript

Utilities for treating frozen JavaScript objects as persistent immutable collections. Object.freeze() is a quick and easy way to get immutable collections in plain JavaScript. If you recursively freeze an object hierarchy, you have a nice structure you can pass around without fear of mutation. The problem is that if you want to modify properties inside this hierarchical collection, you have to return a new copy with the properties changed.

ice-box - :snowflake: Create immutable directory pipelines.

  •    Javascript

Pure functions are a powerful concept. They allow you to, given an input, produce the same deterministic output, without side effects.Enter ice-box: a module that manages a store of uniquely-named, immutable directories, and makes it easy to create new ones.

proposal-frozen-realms - Drafting Frozen Realm proposal for ES7

  •    HTML

This document specifies complimentary enhancements to the old Realms API proposal focused on making lightweight realms that derive from a shared immutable root realm. The proposal here is intended to compose well with the remainder of the old Realm proposal but is not dependent on any of its elements not re-presented here. These proposals each have utility without the other, and so can be proposed separately. However, together they have more power than each separately. We motivate the Frozen Realm API presented here with a variety of examples.


  •    Javascript

PageLifecycle.js is a tiny JavaScript library (<1K gzipped) that allows developers to easily observe Page Lifecycle API state changes and implement Page Lifecycle best practices consistently across all browsers. Use this version for maximum compatibility with legacy browsers (that can't run ES2015+ code).

amiws - Asterisk Management Interface (AMI) to Web-socket proxy

  •    C

amiws is simple proxy from AMI to WEB. It can connect to one or more Asterisk PBXs via AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface), read messages from AMI stream and send actions/commands to it. Received messages are parsed and converted to JSON. amiws also provides HTTP/WebSocket interface and sends JSON messages to all connected users via HTTP. They do not need to me installed. mongoose and frozen are already included. re2c and cmocka are only needed for developers.

c-store - C-Store : A column-oriented DBMS prototype (frozen)

  •    C++

Note: Do not use this repository as an actual DBMS. It is a mostly-unmaintained research prototype. C-Store was a prototype for a columnar, analytics-focused (read-focused) DBMS, developed in the mid-2000's. Read more about it on the project's (frozen/archived) homepage. It involed researchers such a Daniel Abadi, Samuel Madden, Miguel Ferreira and others (not including the owner/maintainer of this repository!); and resulted in several academic publications.

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