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Semantic-UI-React - The official Semantic-UI-React integration

  •    Javascript

See the Documentation for an introduction, usage information, and extensive examples.These great products are built on Semantic UI React. Add yours here.

capital-framework - The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's user interface framework

  •    Javascript

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's user interface framework. If you don't want to use the generator-cf Yeoman generator, you can download the Capital Framework source files and import them into your project.

uiengine - Workbench for UI-driven development

  •    Javascript

Workbench for UI-driven development: A tool for developers and designers to build and document web sites and apps. To get an idea of what this looks like, see the deployed sample project and the sample project source code. There is also an introduction video.

terra-core - Terra offers a set of configurable React components designed to help build scalable and modular application UIs

  •    Javascript

When a component reaches v1.0.0., it is considered to be stable and will follow SemVer for versioning. Consult the component CHANGELOGs, related issues, and PRs for more information.

style-guide - :art: Brainly Front-End Style Guide

  •    Javascript

This project is a living style guide of all basic front-end components used at Brainly. All components can be used in both HTML and JSX. In both cases you have to include main CSS file, as described on the main docs page, in the head section of your page. In case of HTML, you just have to follow style-guide markup which you can easily copy by clicking on any component in the docs. If you prefer to use React instead, you'll have to add this repository as a dependency in package.json and import components into your JSX file.

ui-components - :lipstick: Library of UI components

  •    HTML

Various UI components that we are (or were) using at Brainly. Note that we do not support anything older than IE11.

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