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atom-beautify - :lipstick: Universal beautification package for Atom editor (:warning: Currently migrating to https://github

  •    CoffeeScript

Atom-Beautify respects the core.telemetryConsent configuration option from Atom editor. If you do not wish to have usage data sent to Google Analytics then please set core.telemetryConsent to no or undecided option before using Atom-Beautify. See Anonymous Analytics section of docs for details. Thank you. Atom-Beautify is going to be completely rewritten with Unibeautify at its core! See unibeautify branch for work in progress and Issue #1174.

front-matter - Extract YAML front matter from strings

  •    Javascript

Extract meta data (front-matter) from documents. This modules does not do any IO (file loading or reading), only extracting and parsing front matter from strings.

gray-matter - Smarter yaml front matter parser, used by metalsmith, gatsby, netlify, assemble, mapbox-gl, phenomic, and many others

  •    Javascript

Parse front-matter from a string or file. Fast, reliable and easy to use. Parses YAML front matter by default, but also has support for YAML, JSON, TOML or Coffee Front-Matter, with options to set custom delimiters. Used by metalsmith, assemble, verb and many other projects. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

hexo-front-matter - Front-matter parser

  •    Javascript

Front-matter parser.Prefixing separators are optional.

waffel - Yet another static generator, here to help you with more concrete use cases than just your personal blog

  •    CoffeeScript

Static site generation done right tasty. Yet another static generator, here to help you with more concrete use cases than just your personal blog.

js-yaml-front-matter - Parses yaml of json from the front of a string.

  •    Javascript

Parses yaml or json at the front of a string. Places the parsed content, plus the rest of the string content, into an object literal. Online Demo.

language-markdown - Add support for Markdown to Atom (including Github flavored, Markdown Extra, CriticMark, YAML/TOML front-matter, and R Markdown), and smart behavior to lists

  •    Javascript

A realistic implementation of various Markdown specifications as a flexible, drop-in alternative for language-gfm. Adds smart context-aware behavior to lists, and keyboard shortcuts for inline emphasis and links/images. To avoid conflicts this package tries to disable the core package language-gfm. If you run into any issue, make sure you've selected the correct grammar.

front-matter-loader - Webpack loader to extract frontmatter using jxson/front-matter

  •    Javascript

Webpack loader to extract frontmatter using jxson/front-matter

next-mdx-enhanced - A Next.js plugin that enables MDX pages, layouts, and front matter

  •    Javascript

Also, make sure to add .mdx-data to your .gitignore file, this is a directory generated as part of the optimization process for this plugin. You need a couple things here in order to get to reasonable functionality.

frontmatter - Go library for detecting and decoding various content front matter formats

  •    Go

The following front matter formats are supported by default. If the default formats are not suitable for your use case, you can easily bring your own. For more information, see the usage examples below. Default usage.

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