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gray-matter - Smarter yaml front matter parser, used by metalsmith, gatsby, netlify, assemble, mapbox-gl, phenomic, and many others

  •    Javascript

Parse front-matter from a string or file. Fast, reliable and easy to use. Parses YAML front matter by default, but also has support for YAML, JSON, TOML or Coffee Front-Matter, with options to set custom delimiters. Used by metalsmith, assemble, verb and many other projects. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

jam3-lesson-module-basics - intro to modular programming for frontend JavaScript

  •    Javascript

This is a brief intro to modules for modern frontend development. It will introduce Node, npm, and browserify. After this guide, you should be equipped to create your first npm module.In this context, "modular" JavaScript refers to a piece of code that operates independently of the applications which surround it. A "module" — sometimes just a single function — is written, tested, and published in isolation, and often a good candidate for re-use across projects.

oh-my-css - Pure css framework designed for the minimalist

  •    CSS

Oh-My-CSS is a pure css framework designed for the minimalist.I'm working on this but slowly.

vue-mdc - VueJS Material Design Components

  •    Vue

vue-mdc is a work-in-progress to add VueJS binding to the material-components-web library. Your default browser should open with a simple demo of the currently available components.

grunt-assemble - Static site generator for Grunt

  •    HTML

Static site generator for Grunt.js, Yeoman and Node.js. Used by Zurb Foundation, Zurb Ink, H5BP/Effeckt, Less.js / lesscss.org, Topcoat, Web Experience Toolkit, and hundreds of other projects to build sites, themes, components, documentation, blogs and gh-pages. Versions of grunt-assemble below 0.2.0 have been deprecated and can be found on the 0.1.15-deprecated branch. Versions of grunt-assemble at and above 0.2.0 contain the code from the original assemble up to version 0.4.42.

svgiconfont - PoC of SVG font generation in the browser

  •    Javascript

PoC of SVG font generation in the browser.

coatroom - Coatroom is an easy way to to create a front end component library

  •    Javascript

Coatroom is an easy way to create a front end component library. A tool that helps you create, organize and get an overview of all your components. Components are made of HTML and CSS, generated by a template and LESS and documented by creating style guides written in Markdown to help other developers understand how and when to use these components.

multiple-windows - This project is a chrome extension

  •    Javascript

This project is a chrome extension. It provide to create windows to different sizes and multiple for front-end developers. Setup to extension from here and start to using. Open a website or yours file from local development. Click to extemsion icon. You can windows to different size from top menu and can test your project.

grunt-huxley - Grunt task for node-huxley.

  •    Javascript

Grunt task runner for node-huxley. Selenium Server is used to automate the recorded browser actions. Don't have it yet? Try the node wrapper.

imba-guide - A quick guide to Imba

  •    Javascript

This is a quick guide to the Imba language and web development platform. Imba is a general purpose programming language that compiles to JavaScript and is optimized for writing performant front end web applications.

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