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Stevia - :leaves: Healthy Autolayout Sugar

  •    Swift

In the project folder, you can find an example of a typical login view laid out in both native and Stevia for you to understand and compare the two approaches.

ws - :cloud: Alamofire + Promises + JSON Parsing = Delightful Networking for Swift

  •    Swift

Here you are going to create a function that wraps your request. There are different ways of writing that function depending on what you want back. An empty block, the JSON, the model or the array of models. As you can notice, only by changing the return type, ws automatically knows what to do, for instance, try to parse the response into User models.

Localize - 🏁 Hassle-free Localization for iOS

  •    Swift

Localize is a tiny run script that keeps your Localizable.strings files clean and emits warnings when something is suspicious. Because Localization files tend to rot over time and become a hassle to work with. Stressful when you have to test your app against many different Localizations.

Router - 🛣 Simple Navigation for iOS

  •    Swift

Because classic App Navigation introduces tight coupling between ViewControllers. Complex Apps navigation can look like a gigantic spider web. Besides the fact that Navigation responsibility is split among ViewControllers, modifying a ViewController can cascade recompiles and produce slow compile times.

SketchToSwift - 📲 Generate Swift from Sketch

  •    Javascript

Because integrating views form Sketch has no added value, its just back and forth translating sketch values to swift code. There must be a way to automate this time costly and low added value labor. A Sketch plugin with a simple shortcut that generates basic Swift code form wich you can kickstart developing your view.

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