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FreeMarker.Net - View Engine for ASP.NET MVC with FreeMarker

  •    ASPNET

FreeMarker.Net provides the View Engine for ASP.NET MVC. FreeMarker.Net make use of FreeMarker and compiled into .Net assembly with IKVM.

freemarker.go - :bento: FreeMarker template engine in golang. FreeMarker 模版引擎的 golang 实现。

  •    Go

:bento: FreeMarker template engine in golang. FreeMarker 模版引擎的 golang 实现。

freemarker.js - make freemarker available for node.js with FMPP.

  •    Javascript

FreeMarker is a "template engine". It's a Java package, a class library for Java programmers. Freemarker.js is bridge API for fmpp to make Freemarker available with node.js.

grunt-freemarker - Freemarker renderer plugin for grunt.

  •    Javascript

Freemarker renderer plugin for grunt. In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named freemarker to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

gulp-freemarker - A plugin for Gulp to process Freemarker template files like Java.

  •    Javascript

file is relative to viewRoot, gulp-freemarker will read and process ${viewRoot}/${file} file. data is the data model the template required.

sbt-fmpp-resolver - An Apache FreeMarker template resolver for the sbt new command

  •    Scala

An Apache FreeMarker template resolver for the sbt new command. FMPP is used as the template processing engine.

molgenis - MOLGENIS - for scientific data: management, exploration, integration and analysis.

  •    Java

MOLGENIS is a collaborative open source project on a mission to generate great software infrastructure for life science research

moqui-framework - Use Moqui Framework to build enterprise applications based on Java

  •    Groovy

Note that a runtime directory is required for Moqui Framework to run, but is not included in the source repository. The Gradle get component, load, and run tasks will automatically add the default runtime (from the moqui-runtime repository). For information about the current and near future status of Moqui Framework see the ReleaseNotes.md file.

v5cmsjava - Spring+SpringMVC+Spring Data JPA+FreeMarker+Bootstarp(master分支),mybatis分支ORM使用的是MyBatis。

  •    FreeMarker

Spring+SpringMVC+Spring Data JPA+FreeMarker+Bootstarp(master分支),mybatis分支ORM使用的是MyBatis。

easyadmin - 简易的java后台管理框架,基于SpringBoot+FreeMark+ace admin+mysql

  •    FreeMarker

简易的java后台管理框架,基于SpringBoot+FreeMark+ace admin+mysql

freemarker-java-8 - Java library adding support for the Java 8 java.time api to FreeMarker.

  •    Java

This is a tiny Java library that adds basic format support for the new Java 8 date/time api in FreeMarker.

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