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freegeoip - IP geolocation web server

This is the source code of the freegeoip software. It contains both the web server that empowers freegeoip.net, and a package for the Go programming language that enables any web server to support IP geolocation with a simple and clean API.

freegeoip - IP geolocation web server

Launched more than 6 years ago, the freegeoip.net API has grown into one of the biggest and most widely used APIs for IP to location services worldwide. The API is used by thousands of developers, SMBs and large corporations around the globe and is currently handling more than 2 billion requests per day. After years of operation and the API remaining almost unchanged, today we announce the complete re-launch of freegeoip into a faster, more advanced and more scalable API service called ipstack (https://ipstack.com). All users that wish to continue using our IP to location service will be required to sign up to obtain a free API access key and perform a few simple changes to their integration. While the new API offers the ability to return data in the same structure as the old freegeoip API, the new API structure offers various options of delivering much more advanced data for IP Addresses. As of March 31 2018 the old freegeoip API is deprecated and a completely re-designed API is now accessible at http://api.ipstack.com. While the new API offers the same capabilities as the old one and also has the option of returning data in the legacy format, the API URL has now changed and all users are required to sign up for a free API Access Key to use the service.

geoip - Elixir library to find geo location information given an IP address, hostname or Plug.Conn

Elixir library to lookup the geographic location for a given IP address, hostname, or Plug.Conn. The returned results are cached for an hour by default so that we don't hit the service unnecessarily, but this is configurable can be disabled using the config options (see below).