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HiApp - A simple and interesting hybrid app. React Native version: http://t.cn/R5LqqLz Demo:

  •    Vue

A simple and interesting Framework7 hybrid app.With Cordova you can easily convert it to native iOS app. Unlike Cordova, React Native provides bindings for native UI controls which totally outclass HTML-based hybrid solutions. so it is simple to write high-performance UI by React Native.

template7 - Mobile-first JavaScript template engine

  •    Javascript

JavaScript template engine with syntax similar to Handlebars. Template7 is the default template engine in Framework7, but also can be used separately.

awesome-cordova - :iphone: A curated list of amazingly awesome Cordova libraries, resources and shiny things

  •    Ruby

A curated list of amazingly awesome Cordova libraries, resources and shiny things. Other amazingly awesome lists can be found in the awesome-awesomeness list.

HackerNews7 - Framework7 Hackernews web app

  •    Javascript

This is a demo app to show how Framework7 makes it easy to develop hybrid apps. It is based on the Official Hacker News API even if I think that the Unofficial Hacker News API provides a better structure (but I hope they will be inspired by this last one).

phonegap-app-stockpile - n. - A storage pile accumulated for future use

  •    Javascript

A PhoneGap example app using Vue.js, Framework7 (with Vue.js bindings) and the Adobe Stock API. Hosted version of the Stockpile App.

dom7 - Minimalistic JavaScript library for DOM manipulation, with a jQuery-compatible API

  •    Javascript

Dom7 - is the default DOM manipulation library built-in Framework7. It utilizes most edge and high-performance methods for DOM manipulation. You don’t need to learn something new, its usage is very simple because it has the same syntax as well known jQuery library with support of the most popular and widely used methods and jQuery-like chaining. See Framework7 Dom7 documentation for usage examples and available methods.

framework7-cli - Framework7 command line utility

  •    Javascript

Framework7 command line utility makes easier to create, build, run and emulate mobile Framework7 Cordova apps. Basically it is a wrapper around "cordova cli" but with some nice additions and ready to use Framework7 templates.

framework7-icons - Free iOS-icons font for Framework7

  •    HTML

The premium and free iOS-icons font for Framework7. The font is developed to be used with Framework7, but you can use it wherever you see it fits, personal or commercial. It is free to use and licensed under MIT.

framework7-plugin-feeds - Framework7 Feeds plugin brings easy RSS feeds integration into Framework7 app

  •    Javascript

Framework7 Feeds plugin brings easy RSS feeds integration into Framework7 app. Plugin comes with easy and powerful JS API to integrate and customize RSS feeds. But in most cases you will not need to use JavaScript at all.

framework7-plugin-keypad - Keypad plugin extends Framework7 with additional custom keyboards

  •    Javascript

Keypad plugin extends Framework7 with additional custom keyboards. By default it comes with predefined Numpad and Calculator keyboards, but it also can be used to create custom keyboards with custom buttons.

framework7-template-react - Framework7 React starter app template with hot-reload & css extraction

  •    Javascript

The build folder will then contain all of your app's files, optimized and ready for deployment. This template was created with Create React App. It is suggested that you read more about Create React App to understand the full capabilities of the toolset.