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layerJS - layerJS: Javascript UI composition framework

  •    Javascript

layerJS is an open source Javascript UI/UX library allowing intuitive, visually intense, mobile app-like experiences for web apps and websites. layerJS follows the idea that any kind of interactive web content is composed of media elements on moving layers. Unlike existing UI frameworks, layerJS does not provide various UI elements (use your favorite framework for that) but focusses on how larger blocks are put together to form websites and apps and how these blocks will behave upon user interaction.

pesdk-ios-examples - A fully customizable photo editor for your app.


Our SDK provides tools for adding photo editing capabilities to your iOS application with a big variety of filters that can be previewed in realtime. Unlike other apps that allow a live preview of filters, the PhotoEditor SDK even provides a live preview when using high-resolution images. The framework is written in Swift and allows for easy customization. Additionally we support adding stickers and text in a non-destructive manner, which means that you can change the position, size, scale and order at any given time, even after applying other effects or cropping the photo. For a step-by-step guide to integrate PhotoEditor SDK, please visit docs.photoeditorsdk.com/guides/ios.

react-keyframes - Create frame-based animations in React

  •    Javascript

A React component for creating frame-based animations.The following example will render contents in Frame one at a time every 500 ms.

frame-player - A video player without video files, just JSON

  •    Javascript

##The Problem The problem of today's HTML5 video is that it can't be played in-line on an HTML page on mobile devices. The way the handheld devices handle it is they open the video in a native player which takes over the page itself, making it impossible to implement any interaction while the video is playing. Also, you can't play two videos at the same time. ##The Solution Create a player instead of playing video files, show a sequence of images at a certain rate.



Creates a sprite sheet and you can also add sprites

WPF Frame Web Browser Sample


A simple web browser sample based on frame navigation themed in a Modern UI style.

deviceframe - :iphone: Put device frames around your mobile/web/progressive app screenshots.

  •    Javascript

Put device frames around your mobile/web/progressive app screenshots.deviceframe will prompt you for the frames you want to use. You can select multiple frames and search by typing. Once you have selected all the frames you want to use, hit ESC.

react-native-webview-android - Simple React Native Android module to use Android's WebView inside your app

  •    Java

Simple React Native Android module to use Android's WebView inside your app (with experimental html file input support to handle file uploads in forms). If you need to see the install instructions for older React Native versions look here.

goframe - send/receive framed data via TCP

  •    Go

goframe provides wrapped net.Conn that can send and receive framed data.You can use NewXXXXXXX function to get a concrete FrameConn.

stackman - He is like Batman, but for Node.js stack traces

  •    Javascript

Give Stackman an error and he will give an array of stack frames with extremely detailed information for each frame in the stack trace.With Stackman you get access to the actual source code and surrounding lines for where the error occurred, you get to know if it happened inside a 3rd party module, in Node.js or in your own code. For a full list of information, check out the API below.


  •    Javascript

Streams of framed msgpack messages.this module is not recommended parsing msgpack in js is much slower than spliting json into lines and parsing with JSON.parse, which is heavily optimised in all good js implementations.

callsite-record - Create fancy log entries for errors and function call sites

  •    Javascript

Create fancy log entries for errors and function call sites.You can generate a callsite for any stack frame, not only the topmost one. Use the isCallsiteFrame function to select a frame. This function is called for each frame starting from the top. Return true for the desired frame to generate the callsite.

capture-frame - Capture video screenshot from a `<video>` tag (at the current time)

  •    Javascript

Works in the browser with browserify! This module is used by WebTorrent Desktop.Capture a video frame the the video tag specified by video. This can be a reference to a video element in the page, or a string CSS selector. This must refer to a video element.

keytime - [EXPERIMENT] keyframe animation tools

  •    Javascript

Modular keyframe-based animation tools. Currently at a work-in-progress/proof-of-concept stage.This does not implement its own loop or play(), pause() methods. It simply allows the developer to retrieve interpolated values at an arbitrary time stamp (which may be in seconds, milliseconds, centuries, or whatever).

raf-loop - a minimal requestAnimationFrame render loop

  •    Javascript

A minimal requestAnimationFrame render loop for node and the browser, using high-performance timing where possible.Creates a new loop with an optional function to receive tick events. The function will be called with delta time as the first parameter, in milliseconds.

frame-loop - timing for simulations and games for node and the browser

  •    Javascript

If a function fn(dt) is given, it will be registered as a listener for the 'tick' event.If opts.requestFrame isn't provided, it will be detected dynamically.

pipeffmpeg - A frontend for ffmpeg using only pipes, not under GPL, but under BSD license.

  •    Python

A frontend for ffmpeg(libav) using only pipes, to encode/decode/convert videos by each frame, not under GPL, but under BSD license. Thus, your feedback is welcome at k.kanryu@gmail.com.

vivid.ex - Vivid is a simple 2D rendering library written in Elixir.

  •    Elixir

Vivid is a simple 2D rendering library. I implemented a simple ASCII renderer for debugging and testing purposes, so at any time you can pipe almost any Vivid struct to IO.puts and the contents of the buffer will be rendered and printed onto the screen.